Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OPI Rumples Wiggin'

*OPI Rumples Wiggin'*
(2 coats)

Rumples Wiggin is a pretty generic pastel purple that came out with the OPI Shrek Collection. When this came out last year it seemed like literally every single company was doing the same collection of pastels, which was pretty boring. But anyway, I always get a lot of use out of Rumples Wiggin, and it is one of my few OPI bottles that actually shows significant usage. In my opinion Rumples Wiggin' dries a little "chalky" if that makes sense but it didnt bother me to much.

Also,the shrek collection is 2 for 10$ at Ulta right now...and you can use a 3.50$ off 10$ coupon. Therefore getting 2 OPI's for 7.50! I would have taken advantage of this but I have every color from the Shrek collection except for Ogre the top Blue. Plus I'm on a no-buy. (so I tell myself)

I think thats it. Yeah.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Zoya Charla + China Glaze White Cap

*Zoya Charla with China Glaze White Cap On Top*
(2 coats Charla, 1 coat White Cap)

Being the mermaid-esque awesomeness that it is, Zoya Charla really screams summer to me! After about day I decided to add China Glaze White Cap over top and see what happened! In inside lighting at first it hardly looked like it had changed the color at all...maybe just lightened it up a tiny bit. But then when I went out in the sunshine White Cap really gave Charla an extra oomph of gold.

By the way, every single time I wear Charla (I do wear it quite a bit compared to other colors in my stash) I was get tons of compliments! One of my friends was like "Why do you always have the BEST nail polish?"

...I didnt want to answer I have a whole blog about it LOL

Have a great day! I'm back to watching the Tour De France (another obsession of mine!)