Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Favorites!

I know a lot of people do these but I wanted to start doing it because I think they are very interesting and it was fun to put together!

(in no particular order by the way)

1. Bath and Body Works Extra Long Shea Infused Vanilla Scented Socks Photobucket
LOVE. These were on sale for 3$ so I kind of stock piled haha, I love wearing these and I think they make really good stocking stuffers/gifts. I can't really smell any vanilla from them, but I like that. And I noticed they do moisturize a teensy bit. But pretty much they're a cute & comfy way to keep your feet warm :)

2. Benefit Cosmetics Her Name Was Glowla!
I think I've used this almost every day this month. If your a fan of benefit go RUN and get this! The look it gives is a very glowy (duh) neutral look, and would work on any age! And the benefit packaging is awesome

3. Zoya Fast Dry Drip Drops
They work amazingly! After about 5 mins my nails were totally dry to the touch and after 10min they were completely hard and didnt dent !

4. My plaid coat !
It keeps me warm and makes me smile :D

5. Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Bourbon
I always use brown liners and dark brown mascara during the day because on my pale skin black sometimes looks to harsh and the brown goes nicely with my blue eyes I think! All of the 24/7 liners are awesome and I used this color a lot this month!

Phew! I'm ready for December now!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Essie Demure Vixen + Thoughts on OPI/Coty Deal

*Essie Demure Vixen*
(3 coats)

I actually REALLY liked this polish. Very pretty mauve color, and work appropriate. I think I may grab a full bottle of it, I could see this polish being my go to appropriate for all occasions polish. Though I have no clue why it was in the summer collection, because this polish doesnt seem summer-y at all to me. I've been really impressed with essie as of late!

Now, on the OPI matter...

I really REALLY do not want it to go through. Now I dont know an entire lot about the matter but body and soul had a very informative post I would recommend checking out if you havent already.

I dont even know how I can explain it...it just feels wrong haha. Like its going against what the company has always been about (private exclusivity and such). Mrrrrrgh. haha yeah I dont know what to say really besides that I think its a terrible Idea and I pray it doesnt go through.

I mean,is OPI in financial trouble and thats why they are selling? I know nothing about business (if you couldnt tell already lol)

I would love to hear all your thoughts on it so please let me know!

So yeah pretty much I'm totally against it...I just dont really have a concrete explanation as to why.

enjoy your night guys!

*EDIT* WOW, literally right after I posted this news broke its official. FIUHFIUHIGUHIUGHG! that is all :(

Saturday, November 27, 2010

OPI Ali's Big Break

*OPI Ali's Big Break*
(2 coats)

This probably could have used 3 coats for complete opacity...but I knew I was only going to be wearing it for like two days. This polish is one of the type that has a "juicy" feel to it. I'm not really sure what I expected out of this polish...I'm very lukewarm about it. So, it's nice, I guess haha, I got compliments on and I've heard a lot of bloggers like it so I'll have to try it again soon.

But at least I didnt spend any money on it...it was free with my ulta rewards thing-y.

I hope all of you had a great thanksgiving! Fittingly enough, im also lukewarm about thanksgiving. DONT SHOOT haha...but yeah I just am not a big fan of all traditional thanksgiving food. Which may be because my aunt (who holds it) is not the best cook. She cooked the turkey without removing the bag of guts!!

Oh yeah, anyone get any good Black Friday deals? I stayed at home and from the safety of my laptop took advantage of the zoya sale, which was perfect because I needed gifts for my three best friends so I got them each a color cube with the BOGO+1. Annnnd might have picked up Crystal and Valerie for me...but no one needs to know that ;)

Have a great night!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

$OPI: Read My Palm


2 coats, slightly goopy but workable

Sephora's website describes this as a "opaque light jade green"

I think it's like a really blue-y green. or just a light turquoise. The picture makes it seem brighter than it really is.

I really like it! I love these turquoise blue/green shades. I think they really pop on the nail. But like I said the formula was on the goopy side which was disappointing...but it wasn't completely bad. I got this along with two other $OPI polishes during the F&F sale.

One of the others I got was Looks Like Rain, Dear! I wore it but didnt take pictures but I'm pretty sure it is a re-promote of Worth My Weight because they look exactly alike from pictures I've seen. Which is sad because I like the name Worth My Weight better haha..what about you?

Also I think "Teenage Dream" from the upcoming Katy Perry collection with OPI is going to be just like it only in pink. We shall see haha

Have a lovely night guys! I'm about to go paint my nails with Ali's Big Break!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Two Burlesques and Thoughts on Upcoming OPI Texas

*Simmer & Shimmer*
Gorgeous! And this photo is very color accurate. I used 2 thick coats and it was fine. I got pretty good wear out of it....but my friend who was wearing Show It & Glow It had chipping after just a day or two. I'm wearing this right and dreading removal haha, but it is sooooo pretty

*Teas-y Does It*
2 coats. AMAZING. I literally have no words. You can see it was a little beaten up in the picture which I took after wearing it for a week or so. I already want to put it back on! Deep brown-y purple with beautiful shimmer to it. I'm in love. It has for sure rocketed into my top 10.

OPI Texas:
Okay, so I've looked at the commments on blog posts about the collection and a lot of people seem kind of luke warm about it. BUT IM SO EXCITED! I love jellies and I love berry colors! I feel like it was the same with the Swiss Collection, like when pictures first started coming out nobody was really digging it but now we all own like 4 or 5 haha. I know that to the blog world they may seem boring and overdone because we see SO many colors but I really think this collection will be powerful with more commercial things (is that even the right term??) as in I think people who arent as obsessed with polish will eat up these shades when looking for a mani color or just spontaneously picking one up.

yeah. very excited haha.

Have a great day everyone!!!