Thursday, December 30, 2010

Orly Galaxy Girl (AKA Zenon Girl of the 21st Century???)

*Orly Galaxy Girl*
(2 coats-Preclean up)

When this polish first came out and I saw the name Immediately thought of this Disney Channel Original Movie called Zenon girl of 21st Century, about a girl who lived in a space station, it came out when I was younger. I loved that movie! (actually there were several) Has anyone seen it?

Anyway, when the Cosmic FX collection first came out I was happy to pass on all of them, because they were 10$ even on TD and they just didnt appeal to me that much. Well I found Galaxy Girl (along with the others) for only 4.99$ at my local beauty supply shop and that sweetened the deal. It's really quite pretty! But definitely not for someone who doesnt like to be very adventurous with colors. I did think it was way prettier in the bottle than on my nail, maybe its my skintone or something.

So yeah, pretty color but not worth 10$, in my opinion. I know a lot of people disagree but I think the color just didnt connect with me for some reason. I'll have to try again soon.

Oh and I love those rubber caps on Orly's, I just like the way they feel and the good grip they give.

Have a wonderful night everyone :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

OPI All the Berry Best

*OPI All the Berry Best*
(1 coat!)

Oh, I love this polish so much. 1 coat, smooth as butter. Beautiful shimmering ruby with pink undertones.


^^ I think this picture is the most color accurate. This is one of those polishes that really comes alive with topcoat, so if you have this color make sure you TC it! I just loved looking at it while it was on my nails and it wore like iron for me!


^^ this shows (or was meant to show..) how AtBB doesnt come across strictly red 100% of the time. Most people named this as least favorite of the Ulta exclusives, but I think it is way better than Gift of Gold. I don't know, I usually hate reds that arent cremes but this one is awesome!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A VERY Merry Christmas :) (+OPI Dazzled By Gold!)

I hope everyone who is celebrating is having an AWESOME christmas! I'm waiting for my extended family to get here so I thought I'd post my Christmas mani and some goodies santa left for me :D

*OPI Dazzled By Gold w/ $OPI Only Gold For Me Topcoat*
(2 coats)

I remember when I first got this. Ulta was doing that thing where you spend 17$ you get a free bottle, but the bottle has to be one of the exclusives. They were completely wiped out of the purple and red which I was so upset about because I was in my hating gold phase. So I got Dazzled By Gold, hating it but it turns out it is pretty much my favorite gold ever now! 2 easy coats for me, people with longer nails may need 3 though. Just look at the says what I can't haha

Also, I got $OPI Only Gold for Me as an Xmas gift so I decided to put it on top of my thumbs this morning!

And here's all of the nail polish I received for christmas! I dont know where to start for trying them!

1. Gift of Gold
2. Plum Full of Cheer
3. All the Berry Best
4. OPI Base & Topcoat Combo (I didnt wish for these, and dont need them all that much, but I'm in love with the will be great for bringing polishes if I'm traveling!)
5. $OPI Only Gold for Me (Ohhh, look at that sparkle!)

And here are a bunch of Zoya's I also got!

1. Harlow
2. Verushka
3. Shawn
4. Kelly
5. Flowie
6. Yasmeen
7. Ali
8. Cheryl

What an awesome Xmas! Also my family really liked my gifts for them which was great to see, I love watching peoples faces as they open gifts! Have an amazing day! I'm like peeing myself here!

Friday, December 24, 2010

(Zoya) Happi Christmas!

*Zoya Happi*
(2 coats...maybe 3 but I dont think so, Pre-Cleanup Sorry!)

Break and Christmas are finally here! I'm so excited :D Zoya Happi was with me all this week as I toughed out many, many tests. The week before break is one of those huge test weeks for me in school. Happi is a pale pink infused with gold and green. Yep, green! Though these pictures dont really show the green flash it has. The formula was average but as you can kind of see, Happi does leave faint brushstrokes. So if you really don't like brushstrokes, I'd stay away. But overall I personally really like it!


If any of you guys celebrate Christmas then I hope you have an awesome Christmas! And if you dont, have an awesome day anyway haha :D My family always goes out for chinese food on christmas eve which is always a lot of fun. I actually might post tomorrow because Christmas is held at my house so I have a couple hours between returning from church and when family gets here. I'll have my NOTD, OPI Dazzled By Gold (which I've seen a lot of people wearing as an xmas mani!) and hopefully some nail related christmas gifts :D

Have an AMAZING night everyone!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Illamasqua Scarab

*Illamasqua Scarab*
(1 coat)

As you can see in the picture, Scarab is freaking the bottle. Also, note it was only 1 coat with FANTASTIC formula. If you couldnt tell, I really wanted to love this polish, but I didn't. You know how people always say vampy shades "look black in most lights" well Scarab looks brown in most lights, which I didnt like that much. I'm a big advocate of any person any age can wear any color (my mom thinks she can't venture outside of the palest pinks), but this color seemed old for me. So thats what I think of it really, it's "too old" feeling, which I hate saying.

But a lot of people really loved this. It just didnt connect on the nail for me, though the picture is very flattering for it. MEH. I think I'm going to have to try this again after awhile because it has all the qualities for being flipping awesome!

It might be my mood, I'm beyond ready for break.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Urban Decay 24/7 Liner Crash Swatches & Review

This is my first makeup post! So I guess "Pure Polish" isnt a good blog name now LOL, I like allows me to post more since I dont always change my polish that often.

Urban Decay 24/7 Liners are awesome! I highly recommend them, I use Bourbon pretty much everyday. I picked up Crash, described by Urban Decay as a dark sparkling plum (or something) because I wanted to switch things up a bit but not go to crazy.

Left: Crash after a few swipes
Right: 1 swipe

When I got it in person I was worried it would be to sparkly...but it really isnt! The sparkles come up subtle and give you a little extra twinkle. I use Crash to line my upper lids.

Overall, its a great product. Perfect if you're looking to switch up your color schemes or do a great smokey eye! Urban Decay Liners are 17$ (worth it I think...they last a pretty long!) and can be bought at, Ultas, Sephoras ect ect...

Random, But here's my christmas tree!

And this cute little donkey decoration thingy!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Zoya Free Shipping Code

Now through friday you can get free shipping on all domestic ground shipping! Use the code: FSF

Idiot that I am, I removed Zoya Crystal without taking pictures to post..gah! I love that Zoya always offers these discount things...except I wish there was more warning so I can buy visa giftcards (I use these when I order online).

Yeah. This is just kind of a random I wanted to post something. Super busy of course, it feels like school should be slowing down since its almost break but I still have loads to do before I get out.

Anybody know what 3 Zoyas you'll get with the free code in Jan? I'm thinking Gilda, Ivanka and Deirdre. Not sure though.

My mood is so blah right now. have a good night all :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

RBL Anne

*RBL Anne*
(2 coats)

BEAUTIFUL mossy olive green with gold & a little pink shimmer running throughout it. I don't really have many more words for it. This definitely lived up to the RBL reputation for flawless formula, it was a breeze applying it. You can see the major tip wear...I didnt wrap my tips and I always have to wrap my tips because for whatever reason my nails get tipwear extremely fast. I'm very excited to see what the next RBL collection will be...I havent heard a thing yet about their spring one.

Also swatchcat ( is having a great giveaway! It includes the Zoya glitters and a bottle of OPI MPJ! (both really great prizes I think!) So head on over & follower her if you arent!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lippmann Bad Romance

*Lippmann Bad Romance*
(2 coats)

I have a theory. You know how women who are close/spend a lot of time together tend to get their period at the same time?? I think bloggers are like that with nailpolish haha! Like we wear/blog about the same polish at the same time. (and I mean NOT new I saw bad romance pop up on some other blogs this week). I dont know if that even made sense. BLAH.

This polish applied amazingly! 2 coats which were better than some of my cremes. I think this picture is good because it shows that the magenta glitter is sort of murk-ified by the dark base. But still dazzling! And removal was pretty painless which is a massive plus. This was my first time trying deborah lippmann and I really liked both the brush and the bottle shape.

In other news Ji (RBL) brought back 4 colors! So excited, only because Bikini Bottom is one of them and I really want all of the Spongebob colors. I'm so giddy about it I HAD to put on a RBL so I'm sporting Anne currently. Have a wonderful night everyone!

Friday, December 10, 2010

$OPI: Just A Little Dangerous

*Sephora by OPI Just A Little Dangerous*
(2 coats)

Super pretty! The application on this polish was pretty great, way better than other $OPI I have tried. Its a deep shimmery purple, and despite seeming very average it has this beautiful shimmer to it which makes it more unique I think. The picture below shows the shimmer better:

Purple & Green are personally my favorite nail polish colors and I'm happy I added this to my stash. I actually really like the $OPI packaging...I feel like I've heard a lot of people complain about it. Unfortunately my topcoat didnt fully dry before I went to bed so this mani got a bit messed up. I'll probably be re-doing it tonight...I'm feeling maybe a RBL or Illamasqua....

Hope you guys are having an awesome friday!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's with the Catitude? + Gift Ideas (ish)

*OPI What's with the Catitude*
(2 coats)

You can tell I was fighting for sunlight in this pic...but I think it is pretty true to color. A pale blue, very nice and refreshing for summer, when the Shrek collection came out. I don't really have much else to say, but I do love this color a whole lot.

I know a lot of you guys are out of school but do you all remember how painfully slow the month of december goes until break? Its excruciating. I've already got done pretty much all of my shopping and I thought I'd share what I got people so maybe it could spark ideas if anyone is looking. Mostly I just want to share what I got but I cant tell anyone in my family haha:

Mom: PJ's from Ann Taylor Loft. It's one of my moms favorite stores and they were having a 40% off everything sale. The motivation was my mom keeps complaining about hot flashing (haha, she's hilarious about it!) at night & being over heated so they are all cotton and very light weight.

Dad- Road ID, its a bracelet you wear when cycling/running that has all of your personal info on in case you crash or fall and some stranger finds you.

Sister: Unofficial Harry Potter Cook Book. We're both Potter nerds, 'nuff said :)

Cousin: Hub man, its a little man with usb ports for arms and you have like extra ports. I dunno, he's like 24 so hard to shop for, but I thought it was a good idea

Aunt: Bath and Body works sleep aromatherapy gift basket thing with some of those extra long socks from my november favorites.

Nana: Chocolate. LOTs of chocolate haha

Have a great night guys :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quick Zoya Dovima + RBL vote+ Burb Beauty Giveaway

*Zoya Dovima*
(2 coats-Pre cleanup)

Kind of a bad pic, but I wanted to show it because I thought it really captured the shimmer in Dovima! Really pretty matte shimmer...though it is pretty dark. I think I would use Loredana (its more silvery sister) much more. Great option if like me you havent been able to get hands on Manglaze's Matte is Murder.

And, if you havent heard already, the RBL bring back vote is here! I'm totally going for Bikini Bottom! I REALLY hope it gets brought if you dont really care maybe you should go give BB your vote :)

ALSO burb beauty is having a freaking sweet giveaway! Its got Urban Decay (seriously I think they make the best shadows) Nars, China Glaze and I'm forgetting some haha. Benefit maybe? Well anyway I just recently discovered her blog and its a great blog you should check out if you havent! Have a great night guys!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Essie Sew Psyched

*Essie Sew Psyched*
(2 coats)

Gorgeous! Dark sage green, with a very slight shimmer. In the bottle and in the picture the shimmer is much more obvious, most of the time it looked like a creme. I'm so happy I found this polish! I would say a must have for green lovers (though I believe there are some dupes like RBL diddy mow, but that is 2x the price) This picture is after I think 4 days of wear, with no topcoat. The formula was average...but I had a problem where I'd either have waaaaaaay to much polish on the brush, or far to little. But that may have just been me haha

Essie has been really impressing me lately. If I manage to scrap up any extra money I think I'll pick up Smokin' Hot or Merino Cool which both look awesome to me...have a great night everyone!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Zoya Ginger

*Zoya Ginger*
(2 coats)

My new favorite orange of all time! Application was great like most zoya's and this picture is super accurate which is exciting! Ginger is a citrus-y golden tangerine color, I bet it would look stunning on darker skin tones. Here's a pic that shows how much gold shimmer is in Ginger:

So pretty!

I've been really into Zoya lately and put a bunch on my christmas hopefully more will be added to my stash soon :)

What polishes are on your christmas wishlists? Have a nice night guys !

Saturday, December 4, 2010

OPI Ulta Holiday Exclusives for 2010 Bottle Pics!

I saw this when browsing through the latest Ulta circular and thought I'd share!


1.Plum Full of Cheer
2.Gift of Gold
3.All the Berry Best

Okay, LOOK at plum full of cheer...I'm liking the looks of that gold shimmery stuff! :)

These will be sold exclusively at Ulta's for 8.50 each and they also come in a mini pack containing each of the 3 colors plus a mini topcoat for 6.95 which is cheaper than OPI mini packs usually are I think.

Very promising! Can't wait to see swatches of these...What do you guys think?

Zoya Savita + Oh Happy Day!

*Zoya Savita*
(2 coats-matte)

This is a pretty bad picture, pre-clean up, but I love this polish! Being in highschool sometimes it can be really hard to change your mani if it chips or something like that because I dont have time to let my nails dry...this polish fixes that! Like most mattes it dries super quick which is a giant plus in my book. You NEED this polish if your super busy and want to eliminate dry me haha


What's on my nails right now? Essie Sew Psyched!!! I think I've said before that ordering online is hard for me because I dont have any credit or debit cards...and when my Ulta was sold out hopes of getting this polish were dashed. But today I randomly wandered into this local beauty store while my mom was shopping nextdoor, I turn a corner and


A huge wall filled with Essie, OPI, Orly and China Glaze!!!

I'm probably ranting but I'm very excited! I would always be sad when on other blogs people would say they found these HTF/really good sale polishes in their local beauty supply stores because I didnt have one. But now I do haha,

the prices were great also! 5.49 for essie, 6.99 for OPI and I think 3.99 for china glaze & orly. It took so much restraint to walk out with just 1 because I'm trying to save my money right now.

Have an AMAZING night :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Zoya Zara

*Zoya Zara*
(2 coats)

I can't help but think of Zara from Never Unpolished haha :) I love that blog! But anyway Zara is a lighter purple shade PACKED with gold. Almost like equal parts purple and gold! I would highly recommend adding this shade to your collection if you are a fan of purples, I love it!

I still have so many polishes in my to swatch pile including more Zoya, RBL and Illamasqua Viridian and Scarab.

And in "what?? OPI is doing another collab?" news, I read from Belle Bath and Beyond that we'll be seeing an OPI glee collab! I like glee, but I dont really keep up with it. I'm really interested to see what kind of shades come with it. I actually kind of hope its not more ultra glittery shades (I could see them going that direction) because I'm getting a bit bored with them..(actually more like annoyed at removal lol)

Have a great night guys :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Zoya Kiki !

Awhile back I hauled a lot of zoyas and I dont think I showed any of them! So the next couple days will most likely be zoyas.
*Zoya Kiki*
(2 coats)

So awesome! Kiki is a VERY bright pink with silver shimmer/glass fleck type things that run throughout it. Kiki freaked out my camera a bit and it kept photographing lighter than it truly is.

Application was great, like I've had with all my Zoya polishes thus far...though I love the brush itself, I wish the handle on them was a bit bigger, because the handles are kind of tiny! Or maybe I just have big hands...hmmm lol

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Favorites!

I know a lot of people do these but I wanted to start doing it because I think they are very interesting and it was fun to put together!

(in no particular order by the way)

1. Bath and Body Works Extra Long Shea Infused Vanilla Scented Socks Photobucket
LOVE. These were on sale for 3$ so I kind of stock piled haha, I love wearing these and I think they make really good stocking stuffers/gifts. I can't really smell any vanilla from them, but I like that. And I noticed they do moisturize a teensy bit. But pretty much they're a cute & comfy way to keep your feet warm :)

2. Benefit Cosmetics Her Name Was Glowla!
I think I've used this almost every day this month. If your a fan of benefit go RUN and get this! The look it gives is a very glowy (duh) neutral look, and would work on any age! And the benefit packaging is awesome

3. Zoya Fast Dry Drip Drops
They work amazingly! After about 5 mins my nails were totally dry to the touch and after 10min they were completely hard and didnt dent !

4. My plaid coat !
It keeps me warm and makes me smile :D

5. Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Bourbon
I always use brown liners and dark brown mascara during the day because on my pale skin black sometimes looks to harsh and the brown goes nicely with my blue eyes I think! All of the 24/7 liners are awesome and I used this color a lot this month!

Phew! I'm ready for December now!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Essie Demure Vixen + Thoughts on OPI/Coty Deal

*Essie Demure Vixen*
(3 coats)

I actually REALLY liked this polish. Very pretty mauve color, and work appropriate. I think I may grab a full bottle of it, I could see this polish being my go to appropriate for all occasions polish. Though I have no clue why it was in the summer collection, because this polish doesnt seem summer-y at all to me. I've been really impressed with essie as of late!

Now, on the OPI matter...

I really REALLY do not want it to go through. Now I dont know an entire lot about the matter but body and soul had a very informative post I would recommend checking out if you havent already.

I dont even know how I can explain just feels wrong haha. Like its going against what the company has always been about (private exclusivity and such). Mrrrrrgh. haha yeah I dont know what to say really besides that I think its a terrible Idea and I pray it doesnt go through.

I mean,is OPI in financial trouble and thats why they are selling? I know nothing about business (if you couldnt tell already lol)

I would love to hear all your thoughts on it so please let me know!

So yeah pretty much I'm totally against it...I just dont really have a concrete explanation as to why.

enjoy your night guys!

*EDIT* WOW, literally right after I posted this news broke its official. FIUHFIUHIGUHIUGHG! that is all :(

Saturday, November 27, 2010

OPI Ali's Big Break

*OPI Ali's Big Break*
(2 coats)

This probably could have used 3 coats for complete opacity...but I knew I was only going to be wearing it for like two days. This polish is one of the type that has a "juicy" feel to it. I'm not really sure what I expected out of this polish...I'm very lukewarm about it. So, it's nice, I guess haha, I got compliments on and I've heard a lot of bloggers like it so I'll have to try it again soon.

But at least I didnt spend any money on was free with my ulta rewards thing-y.

I hope all of you had a great thanksgiving! Fittingly enough, im also lukewarm about thanksgiving. DONT SHOOT haha...but yeah I just am not a big fan of all traditional thanksgiving food. Which may be because my aunt (who holds it) is not the best cook. She cooked the turkey without removing the bag of guts!!

Oh yeah, anyone get any good Black Friday deals? I stayed at home and from the safety of my laptop took advantage of the zoya sale, which was perfect because I needed gifts for my three best friends so I got them each a color cube with the BOGO+1. Annnnd might have picked up Crystal and Valerie for me...but no one needs to know that ;)

Have a great night!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

$OPI: Read My Palm


2 coats, slightly goopy but workable

Sephora's website describes this as a "opaque light jade green"

I think it's like a really blue-y green. or just a light turquoise. The picture makes it seem brighter than it really is.

I really like it! I love these turquoise blue/green shades. I think they really pop on the nail. But like I said the formula was on the goopy side which was disappointing...but it wasn't completely bad. I got this along with two other $OPI polishes during the F&F sale.

One of the others I got was Looks Like Rain, Dear! I wore it but didnt take pictures but I'm pretty sure it is a re-promote of Worth My Weight because they look exactly alike from pictures I've seen. Which is sad because I like the name Worth My Weight better haha..what about you?

Also I think "Teenage Dream" from the upcoming Katy Perry collection with OPI is going to be just like it only in pink. We shall see haha

Have a lovely night guys! I'm about to go paint my nails with Ali's Big Break!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Two Burlesques and Thoughts on Upcoming OPI Texas

*Simmer & Shimmer*
Gorgeous! And this photo is very color accurate. I used 2 thick coats and it was fine. I got pretty good wear out of it....but my friend who was wearing Show It & Glow It had chipping after just a day or two. I'm wearing this right and dreading removal haha, but it is sooooo pretty

*Teas-y Does It*
2 coats. AMAZING. I literally have no words. You can see it was a little beaten up in the picture which I took after wearing it for a week or so. I already want to put it back on! Deep brown-y purple with beautiful shimmer to it. I'm in love. It has for sure rocketed into my top 10.

OPI Texas:
Okay, so I've looked at the commments on blog posts about the collection and a lot of people seem kind of luke warm about it. BUT IM SO EXCITED! I love jellies and I love berry colors! I feel like it was the same with the Swiss Collection, like when pictures first started coming out nobody was really digging it but now we all own like 4 or 5 haha. I know that to the blog world they may seem boring and overdone because we see SO many colors but I really think this collection will be powerful with more commercial things (is that even the right term??) as in I think people who arent as obsessed with polish will eat up these shades when looking for a mani color or just spontaneously picking one up.

yeah. very excited haha.

Have a great day everyone!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

RBL Giveaway Winner (s) !!!!

whoa...wait, winnerS, as in plural????

sooo like I said I seriously just love giving gifts to just makes me really happy, what can I say lol, and I decided to draw a 2nd prize winner who will receive 1 RBL polish :)

The most popular colors were for sure 360, Scrangie and then No More War. Great picks!

I'll shut up now.

The first winner, drawn from is..........

JESS D!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She chose 360 and Mismas :D Congrats!

and the second number generated belonged to.....

Jana!!!!!!!! She chose 360 and which would you like more Jana??? hopefully you'll see this

Thanks so much to all who entered! I had so much fun...cant wait for my next giveaway haha..have a great night guys! I'll email winners tomorrow afternoon :D

DS Coronation (+ RBL giveaway reminder!)

happy halloween guys! I'm totally slacking in the halloween themed nails front. So today I thought I'd show OPI DS Coronation...


3 coats that went on smooth as a baby's bottom :)


Too bad it was freaking gross out the day I took these pics so I couldnt get the holo to come out :(

I really liked this polish, it was a very elegant silver and then watch out when it hits the sun! Gorgeous! This was just retired not to long ago from the DS line to make room for the new ones, but this is still pretty easy to get your hands on.

Annnnnnnnnd just wanted to remind everyone the giveaway ends tonight at 10pm EST (it went by so quick!)

I'll announce the winner possibly later tonight because I have everything ready to just be plugged into but it could be tomorrow :)

So go enter!! LOL the odds are looking pretty good since not that many people have entered, so thats good for those who have haha !

Friday, October 29, 2010

My First Giveaway!!! (win YOUR CHOICE of any two RBL polishes!Open Internationally)

So, its a little early since I'm only at 45 followers but I couldnt help it!!! I switched back and forth so many times with what I wanted to giveaway but finally I thought why not take advantage of the RBL sale 'cause I aint made of money here people LOL

1. Must be a follower with GFC
2. Followers before the giveaway are getting two enteries :)
3. A blog entry will get you an extra as well!
4. Polishes chosen must be included in the sale (sorry tudors)

TO ENTER: comment filling out this here form thingy :D

1.) email address and GFC name
2.) Which 2 Polishes you want..and why!
3.) If you blogged about it please drop me a link

Giveaway ends Sunday at 10pm EST !!! (not a lot of time, I know)

oh and yes, open internationally:)

soooo yeah! i'm like crazy excited lol, I just love giving gifts! Have a great night guys, and good luck everyone!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Essie Pretty Edgy

I hate mini bottles. The brushes are to tiny, the bottles weird shaped and just awkward. Plus no names on the bottles.

BUT i'll give essie the award for best mini bottle design! It wasnt completely horrible!


2 coats, great application. Gray skies :(

I really liked this polish...and usually essie and I dont get along well. I love greens so I ate this up :D on the plus side I got a bunch of compliments on it as well.

So, any of you guys hitting up the RBL 50% off sale? I put Mismas, Scrangie and Concrete Jungle on my xmas we'll see if that works out in december lol...what are you planning on picking up?

Have a wonderful night guys! I'm glued to my Harry Potter in the Deathly Hallows book right now because I want to re-read (again xD) before the movie comes out..which I'm insanely excited for!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Here Today Aragon Tomorrow (+ Question)

I really thought I would love this since its a dark vampy green and I love green and vampy colors but I dont know..something didnt connect for me.


2 coats. I picked this blurry picture because I thought it was most color accurate. (and they all turned out blurry today...BLEH!)

Though it definitely grew on me the longer I wore it. I think I just had such a lemming for it that it could never live up to my expectations LOL

So exhausted right now, but I did have time to change my mani to Zoya Savita...I'm really loving the mattes right now because schools nights my time is very limited :(


1.) Anyone know a way to figure out what your shipping will be at transdesign before you complete the order??
2.) erm yeah I just forgot never mind haha

Friday, October 15, 2010

OPI Color So Hot It Burns

I got this because I loved Red My Fortune Cookie so much and my bottle was actually showing significant usage. I might like this one better though, because it is more opaque.

2 coats, gray skies. Great formula!

I would highly recommend this polish though I think we all know it is pretty unoriginal so everyone probably has something very close to this anyway. I love bright red cremes and they are pretty much the only color of red I actually like polish wise.

Zoya is having a sale if you spend 10$ and enter the code VKiss you get a free Raven, Trixie and something red..I forget LOL. It ends Sunday! I'm seriously debating using it because I'm having major lemmings for Valerie and Crystal from Fire and Ice. But I Probably will refrain since I just ordered so many

Have a nice night everyone :D

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

RBL Jane

I wore this today because I had an Ap Euro test on Reformation (during which we covered Henry VIII and all his wives) so I thought Jane would be lucky since she was the one who produced a male heir :)

Onto the gorgeous!

2 coats. Late Afternoon & Cloudy.

Excellent Formula especially for a color like this! Though I have to say I'm not a huge fan of the RBL brush...doesn't hold enough polish for my likes but that may just be because I'm so used to the OPI Pro-wide.

This color really is wonderful for the "putty" trend that is going on with nails, plus it has a faint gold shimmer which sets it apart from other polishes. Can't wait for RBL 50% off sale, I told my parents and they are going to order some as gifts from santa :D

OH! And I have my 50 follower giveaway all sorted out..just waiting for 50 followers haha...hope I get there soon because I cant wait to announce it!!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

I've Been A Bad Girl... (+OPI Diva of Geneva)

a VERY bad girl haha...not only have I totally neglected my blog, I pretty much smashed my no buy into thousands of pieces and then stomped all over it...oops LOL

-Dovima,Savita, Edyta, Ginger, Midori, Zara, Cassi, Kiki, Jo, Happi, TopCoat, Drip Drops (By the way the drip drops work great!!)


-Fiercely Fiona, Who the Shrek Are You?, Color So Hot it Burns, Princesses Rule!


-Essie Summer Collection Mini's (demure vixen, pretty edgy, haute as hello, knockout pout) to be fair these were on clearence for like 5 bucks so I couldn't pass it up


-Nubar 2010....SO EXCITED!!!


These really killed my wallet haha, but they are so gorgeous!!! RBL Tudor Polishes (Anne, Catherine, Catherine H, Jane) Can't wait to try out Catherine H!

Thats it haha...and here is OPI Diva of Geneva which I'm wearing right now and I cant wait to see what 2010 will look like overtop it!

2 coats. Pre-Cleanup (ew, I know) Shady Sun. Definitely my favorite from the Swiss Collection!

So yeah I'm back, school was pretty much eating up my entire life the past couple weeks :(

Any ones you guys would like to see me post??('cause I have no idea where to start haha)