Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OPI Rumples Wiggin'

*OPI Rumples Wiggin'*
(2 coats)

Rumples Wiggin is a pretty generic pastel purple that came out with the OPI Shrek Collection. When this came out last year it seemed like literally every single company was doing the same collection of pastels, which was pretty boring. But anyway, I always get a lot of use out of Rumples Wiggin, and it is one of my few OPI bottles that actually shows significant usage. In my opinion Rumples Wiggin' dries a little "chalky" if that makes sense but it didnt bother me to much.

Also,the shrek collection is 2 for 10$ at Ulta right now...and you can use a 3.50$ off 10$ coupon. Therefore getting 2 OPI's for 7.50! I would have taken advantage of this but I have every color from the Shrek collection except for Ogre the top Blue. Plus I'm on a no-buy. (so I tell myself)

I think thats it. Yeah.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Zoya Charla + China Glaze White Cap

*Zoya Charla with China Glaze White Cap On Top*
(2 coats Charla, 1 coat White Cap)

Being the mermaid-esque awesomeness that it is, Zoya Charla really screams summer to me! After about day I decided to add China Glaze White Cap over top and see what happened! In inside lighting at first it hardly looked like it had changed the color at all...maybe just lightened it up a tiny bit. But then when I went out in the sunshine White Cap really gave Charla an extra oomph of gold.

By the way, every single time I wear Charla (I do wear it quite a bit compared to other colors in my stash) I was get tons of compliments! One of my friends was like "Why do you always have the BEST nail polish?"

...I didnt want to answer I have a whole blog about it LOL

Have a great day! I'm back to watching the Tour De France (another obsession of mine!)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You Say Hello, And I Say Holo! (Nic's Sticks Rainbows End)

*Nics Sticks Rainbows End*
(4 coats)

Rainbows End is a beautiful linear holo (quite rare now a-days) that has a tan beige base to it. Both this and its sister Silver-ella have been surfacing at a lot of stores like Ross. I got mine from aveyou.com! Unfortunately, I completely forgot to use an aqua base, which made application a total PITA. But its so pretttttty. I'm willing to forgive :D

Believe it or not, this was my first ever true linear holo I've ever worn. I do love the look, but honestly I'm a little to lazy to track them down!

Also, was not a fan of the Nics Sticks brush, it was very mop-ish. I thought the pen would be easy to apply but it felt so big and awkward in my hands, maybe I just need more practice at it.

So, did any of you watch True Blood on Sunday? I'm not completely sure what to think just yet! Wish Eric got more screen time *swoon* his speech on the episode gave me shivers :) too much info? yeah...have a great night everyone!

Friday, June 24, 2011

OPI Houston We Have A Takeoff ?

*OPI Houston We Have A Purple*
(2 coats)

Haha when I got this polish and was telling my sister about it I said "Yeah, it's one of the new sorbet things. Its called houston we have a purple...you know like Houston we have a takeoff!"

...what? Dunno what I was thinking haha but my sister thought it was funny :)

Anyway Houston We Have A Purple is the darkest shade of the Texas jellies. Most people say it doesnt look purple at all, but I think it does lean purple in certain lights. I thought this would be my favorite of the jellies, but I think I like the others better.

meh, not much else to say really. It's kind of rainy and gross where I live so my mood has matched that, I spent the day watching sex & the city (which I dont even like that much) and then like 5 solid hours of Project Runway.

Is anyone going to be sporting Zoya Sooki in honor of True Blood coming back on Sunday? I'm MUCHO excited because I'm so sad Game of Thrones is over but True Blood will ease the pain :D

Thursday, June 23, 2011

OPI Steady As She Rose

*OPI Steady As She Rose*
(2 coats, no topcoat)

At first look, Steady As She Rose may fade to the background next to the other pirates of the Caribbean colors, but it is one of my favorites! Steady as she Rose is a grey-ed out light pink-y purple shade, pretty unique! And the big bonus here is that it is opaque in 2 coats :D

The PotC collection really crept up on me...I didnt think I would like it at first but it is definitely my favorite OPI collection in a long time. I still need to get my hands on Mermaid's Tears and Sparrow Me the Drama...I'm thinking of getting those Sinful Colors dupes that came out.

In other news I finally got a good quality nail file and my life has changed! Haha, seriously I didnt know what I was missing out on...it works so beautifully! So if you dont have one I highly suggest picking one up!

Yep. Have an awesome day!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

AveYou.Com Haul/Review + Barielle Elle's Spell

I recently ordered some polish from a site I just found out about...aveyou.com! They sell a variety of beauty products but the only nail polishes they sell are OPI, Essie, and Spa Ritual I believe. Here's what I picked up!

It came wrapped inside this cute reusable bag which is a really nice touch I think.

-NOPI Nic's Sticks in Rainbows End
-OPI Planks A Lot
-OPI Skull and Glossbones
-OPI Silver Shatter
-OPI Teenage Dream
-Essie Borrowed and Blue

Overall my experience with the site was awesome and I would recommend them. However, they sell polishes at retail price. Though they always have a 15% off code (five) and shipping is only 5$ and 1$ if your order is over 50$. Another plus despite the price not being discount, is that the OPI bottles don't have those scratch things (filed off serial numbers) and also they have both labels on the bottom of the bottle.

Like I said, shipping was fast and they have a really good selection of the brands they do carry! Can't wait to try all these beauties :)

Also, here is a pic from a long time ago that I never shared.
*Barielle Elle's Spell*
(1 coat over Essie Bordeaux)

Really pretty flakies that are a cheaper dupe for one of the Nfu Oh Flakies I believe. A little to sheer to wear on its own IMO, but I've gotten a lot of use out of it. I want to try it over one of the OPI texas jellies next!

Hope you all are having a great day & had an awesome memorial day if you are in the US!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OPI Stranger Tides

*OPI Stranger Tides*
(2 coats)

While I still firmly believe that the colors of the POtC collection are not especially pirate-y..I still love them! I ended up only passing on Mermaids Tears (I have $OPI Read My Palm which seems close) and Sparrow Me The Drama.

Stranger Tides is a dusty murked out green avocado-y shade. I found the brushes on the pirates shades to be stiffer than usual but that could just be me. Above was 2 coats, but it definitely needed 3 due to bald patching which I didnt notice at first.

It pulls a little weird on my skin tone but that never stops me haha...though a better option may have been Essie Da Bush which is a little different toned and has a better formula I hear.

I'm waiting on an AveYou.com order to come and then going on a 9-10 month no buy. Yeah, can you believe that? I'm saving money to go on a school trip to Italy which is of course VERY expensive. So for Christmas I'll probably only ask for polishes haha because I'm major lemming the Muppets collection!

Have a great night guys!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm Back :)! Essie Bordeaux and Thoughts on a whole Bunch of Good Stuff!

*Essie Bordeaux*
(2 coats)

Freaking awesome! I got this on clearance at Ulta for around 4$ so I'm hoping that doesnt mean it is being discontinued because I've fallen in love with this color! Deep burgandy jelly red....gah I love it! It made me feel really sophisticated haha. I would definitely put this on my "must have" list. Which is interesting because I don't think there are any other Essie's on that list!

Now I'm just going to rapid fire some thoughts on collections etc, etc that have emerged since my hiatus. So hold on!

Isnt it bizarre knowing what all the collections will be from now until like next christmas? I dunno haha

*facepalm* Seriously guys? I think some one in OPI's naming committee hit their head on something very hard. Yes, VERY hard. The colors in the upcoming collections are very pretty and I'm liking them a lot. But the names...oh god, the names. I think everyone knows about "Uh, oh, roll down the window" and what makes that worse is that it is a murky green color. ugh. But yeah, I like the colors in the road trip collection but the names not so much. Also, I'm not a big fan of the concept...personally I would have rather seen maybe another country collection.

Also, apparently there may be a Kardashian collection. Honestly, I'm not a fan because I think they are kind of horrible role models and I really don't believe they are deserving of the amount of fame they have. However, I'm of course open to any colors that they can churn out :)

Hope you guys have a great day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Shattered ! And Zoya Sale

*OPI Austin-tacious Turquoise + Black Shatter*
(2 & then 1 coat)

Hey there! I havent posted in forever it feels like! Life has been so massively crazy it feels hard to keep up with it all! Anyway I'll still been doing mani's of course and taking pics :) I really like the Black shatter and I'm most looking forward to the silver shatter coming out in the Pirates collection- that seems really awesome looking!

Have any of you guys taken part in the current Zoya sale? I kinda feel bad for Zoya because they keep having such awesome promo's but people still complain and I mean...I dunno a company can only have so many sales haha. Here's what I got:

-Phoebe (I thought I would get all the mattes but the other two ended up not interesting me)

I know Sooki isnt anything special but I loved the name and the bright red so I went for it haha

Hope you all are having an awesome week! I really wanted to love the Mod Mattes (and I do think Phoebe is freaking gorgeous) but the Pink reminded me of just any other pink neon that dries matter and the yellow seemed like it was giving people bad application and such. Though I seriously hope Zoya keeps churning out Matte colors because their's are the best in my opinion and I love them for when I'm in a rush (like I am now haha :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise

*OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise* (Did I even spell that right?)
(2 coats)

This polish is really awesome! I'd say it is my favorite out of the Texas collection. It is a bright lake blue color with beautiful shimmer flecks and a SLIGHT duo-chrome...it has a killer purple shift to it. Only complaint would be that 3 coats would definitely be needed for full opacity, but I knew I was going to use the Shatter over it so I really didnt care about the VNL. Like all OPI collections, I find myself steadily getting more and more of the Texas collection without even realizing it haha :)

I'm very excited because my local supermarket just got the Essie Retail Line Display...yay! I can't tell if it is a smaller display or the size of some big ones I've seen photos of. I didnt buy any because I had no money on me, but I'm seriously eyeing up Sweet Talker, Jamaican Me Crazy and some others. I searched it for dive bar, but I couldnt find even a slot for it. I actually don't mind the retail bottles as much in person...but still don't like that weird sticker on the side of the cap. I also like how they had space for the newest collection above the others, but my display (sounds odd saying that haha) only had French Affair and Sand Tropez. Which is sad because I was liking the looks of Topless and Barefoot.

Dunno why but I'm having an essie streak right now...we'll see how long this lasts haha :D

Hope you guys all had an awesome weekend. My totally flew by and I'm definitely not ready for school in the morning lol

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zoya Sarah + Zoya Price Raise

*Zoya Sarah*
(2 coats)

Love this red! Has the same texture as a lot of Zoya's recently like Edyta, others in the flame collection, Dannii, Jules ect ect. The gold flash is gorgeous and deepens the color a lot. Here you can see after 5 days wear which I think is okay. I get really bad tip wear...so this is typical. Application was of course, flawless.

If you havent heard, Zoya has raised their prices to 8$ a bottle. While I want to be angry with the company, I simply can't. Zoya nail polishes are worth the 8$ in my opinion, though I do wish they had kept it at 7$. Also, I think it makes sense because they economy is so bad and Zoya always has the best sales, (the 3 Free promo, b1g1 and stuff like that). So yeah...a little miffed but I know I'll still pay the money for them. How do you feel about the price increase?

Hope you all are having an awesome night! I'm about to go take a nice long nap because lord knows I need it....hopefully Friday will pass by quickly and mercifully haha :D

Sunday, February 27, 2011

$OPI Under My Trenchcoat + Thoughts on other people using your polish?

*Sephora By OPI Under My Trench-coat*
(2 coats)

Aptly named color! It really does remind of the camel-y color of trench coats. It has tons of gold shimmer that really kicks the color up a notch and makes it more unique to other neutrals out that. Application was okay, kind of thick but not un-workable. I really loved this color for a neutral, but wouldnt say its a must have. I've always considered my NP relationship with $OPI as love/hate. And right now I'm in the hate phase only because they hiked prices up to 9.50. Yes, 9.50! I know to most 'normal' people they may say its just 50 cents but $OPI was already a bit overpriced at 9$. Especially considering that in general a lot of the polishes seem sub-par to regular OPI's which are usually around 8-8.50.

Though I actually like the packaging haha, I know a lot of people hate it. I admit the brush is a little to thin, but I love the big thick cap and shape of the bottle. Seriously, I hate small caps haha, they make my hands cramp!

Now onto "Thoughs on other people using your polish" time:

Since I'm still a teenager I live with 2 other women: my mom & sister. I pretty much lend them any polish they want because I actually want to see my polish be used up. I think it brings me comfort knowing they are being used, and justifies how much I buy ;)

BUT this weekend my cousin came to stay at my house. She was having auditions for college (for theatre) programs and such. When she came in (she's 18, I'm 17 now) her nails were horribly chipped with a different color on every finger. *shudder* Her mom insisted I paint her nails because it was obvious her mom wanted something more appropriate for auditions. I brought down a bin for her to pick a color and she said she wanted to do it herself.

GAH! She totally gummed up the neck of plum full of cheer (she kept letting the excess polish on the brush fall on the side of the neck) Also she was painting all over her cuticles, which normally if someone does that I'm like "hey, its your nails" but she bites her cuticles and they were literally BLEEDING (not profusely or anything) and she was putting the brush over it.

What? Not only does that sound painful, but my brush was going over wounds....freaking gross!

Wow haha. Thats a really long story. I needed to get it off my chest because the whole time I wanted to strangle her. So how do you guys feel about others using your polish? I'm usually pretty chill about it but my cousin was annoying me so much.

that was kind of a rant. I should have warned. sorry! Thanks for reading and I hope you guys all have an awesome Oscar Night!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

OPI Guy Meets Gal-veston

*OPI Guy-Meets Gal-veston*
(3 coats)

I LOVE the name haha, I think its really cute. Guy Meets Gal-veston is a "sorbet" (aka jelly) coral shade that is really juicy looking on the nail. I do wish that it was a touch more opaque, even though I knew it would show VNL. For people who like a more opaque look, Big Hair Big Nails, also from the Texas Collection seems really close to it. I'm really happy that OPI is doing jellies now, though I think its funny that in all that articles/advertisements about the Texas collection OPI really plays up how original the sorbet look is haha

Sorry about being gone so long! My computer got a virus and I wanted to wait until my dad, who was away, got home because I was afraid to touch it haha. Also I'm excited because I got my ulta rewards today which = 2 OPIs or ChG for me! :) So its not REALLY breaking my new no buy, right?

And to end with, a cute crack story! :D

Haha, like a lot of people I have been searching for OPI shatter since it came out with no luck, every time I went to Ulta they were sold out and so was the local JC Penny Salon. Anyway I pretty much just gave up because I didnt want to order it online (I've heard its on ebay & such for mucho $$$). But yesterday my and my friend went out for her birthday and when she got in the car she pulled out a bottle of OPI Shatter & gave it to me! HEART=MELTED.

She said she was at Ulta, and there were only about 4 bottles left so she picked me up one! Luckily she was with her mom because apparently the people at Ulta were only letting people buy 1 per person. Which I can kinda understand because I dunno, like what if those times when I checked and it was out of stock, some lady who came in 5min before just bought like 3 bottles. But then its also annoying cause if you're getting for a friend or whatever.

Yep. Have an awesome day guys!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zoya Gilda

*Zoya Gilda*
(2 coats)

Sorry about the tip wear...didnt wrap my tips when I wore this which spells disaster for me! Polishes usually never chip on me (Probably because I change every 3 days or so) but I always get really bad tip wear.

Anyway! I got Gilda because I had tried Zoya Kiki and I just totally feel in love with Zoya Pinks! I love the texture on the Sparkle collection...it gives a lot of bling without the painful removal of full on glitter.

I got my Zoya Intimate Collection which is total LOVE, so look out for those slowly coming up! Also I got my Ulta rewards thing today & I was level 4 which means I can get two free OPI's! Its good because me, my sister & my mom share one card so I get points from anything they buy. I think I'll be getting Black Shatter for sure haha...but if they don't have any I think I'll get Austin-tatious Turquoise and Houston we have a purple.

Have an amazing night guys!

p.s. my stomach is growling like CRAZY right now.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's Your Favorite Nail? (Yes, Just Nail...Not Nail Polish)

Mine is my thumb on my right hand.

If I could choose another favorite it would either of my ring fingers.

Am I the only one who has ever thought about this haha?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thoughts on Upcoming OPI Femme De Cirque + Pirates of The Caribbean Collections

Recently promo pics of The upcoming OPI Soft Shades and Brights have been coming out. I, of course, wanted to talk about it :D

The OPI Soft Shades Collection is Called Femme De Cirque. Pretty sweet name right? I got excited from just hearing the name, even though the OPI Annual Soft Shades are definitely the least exciting releases of the year IMO.

MEH. Like I said Soft Shades don't really get me going. You can see swatches of a few on alizarine's blog! Here's what I needed to get off my chest: OH GOD THE NAMES! Or I should say name, singular.

So Many Clowns....So Little Time. I SHUDDER. haha, im sorry but even thinking about that creeps me the hell out...and I'm not even one of those people that have a fear of clowns. But still. Creepy!

Heres Promo Pic for Pirates:

GAH GAH GAH. OPI could have done so much with Pirates as a collection. When I think pirates of the Caribbean I think of rich reds and deep purples....beautiful emeralds.I guess jewel tones in general. But we'll see how these come out...I do see potential for greatness, just not with the theme of pirates. ALSO I think the names could have been way cooler, with more character/movie specific names. As opposed to pirates in general. Also there will be a silver shatter releasing which sounds pretty awesome...though I'm getting a little tired of all the crackle

Sooooooo yeah. Thoughts? I always like to get out my original feelings on collections because its fun to look back after they come up. At this point Soft Shades is a Nay and Pirates is a Yay. I think some of the pirate colors may turn out awesome...I just think the colors don't match what I would think of as 'pirates of the Caribbean"

Have a great day. I used a lot of caps in this post...don't let it fool you, I still love my OPI's dearly :D

*pics from mbeautylounge

Monday, February 7, 2011

China Glaze Sea Spray

*China Glaze Sea Spray*
(2 coats)

This polish is awesome. For sure one of my favorite china glaze's that I own. Its a pale blue with a pearl type hidden shimmer throughout. The good thing is that the hidden shimmer is not that hard to see, as opposed to the shimmer in polishes like Chanel Riva. My friend said that Sea Spray reminds her of Cinderella...which I actually can see...like her famous blue ball gown :)

GOWN is a really weird word, by the way.

Also, I'm having a pretty intense craving for a black & white malt milkshake right now.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

China Glaze Ahoy!

*China Glaze Ahoy!*
(2 coats)

Man, I've missed you china glaze! I haven't worn ChG in a really long time so it was like meeting an old friend haha :) Ahoy is a raspberry jelly-esque (not completely) pink with gold shimmer/flecks throughout it. Super Gorgeous! I know a lot of people were hesitant to get this because in theory its really similar to ChG Strawberry Fields....but this is so much better! So I really recommend getting this if you can.

Gah, I just love it!

Have a great day everyone! What were your picks from Anchors Away if you got any?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Essie Mint Candy Apple

*Essie Mint Candy Apple*
(2 coats)

Pretty Mint Green. Kind of gave me lobster fingers, but then again so does pretty much every color except for pink. You can probably tell from the pic that Mint Candy Apple was tricky to apply, I got streaking & dragging on the first coat but managed to get everything evened out by the 2nd.

I had a pretty traumatizing dentist appointment (long story...I need a minor gum surgery) but to cheer me up my dad bought me Guy Meets Gal-veston! So that definitely made me feel better :) I'm excited to try it because I havent worn a jelly in forever...I miss the squishy haha

Have a great night everyone...have you picked up any of the Texas Collection?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Zoya Charla + BurbBeauty Giveaway

*Zoya Charla*
(2 coats)

LOVE LOVE LOVE. And mermaids. I think thats all?

Haha this bottle was to replace Catch me In your net by OPI which broke. I know that they are dupes, and maybe my memory is just faulty but I SWEAR that Charla dries way glossier/not as gritty as CMIYN did. Also this polish is a big compliment getter...so many people mentioned it while I had it on. Yep. Beautiful!

I ordered the Intimate collection and its on backorder :( BUMMER. But I was cheered up because I got a package today from Lola of Burb Beauty!(www.burbbeauty.com) In it contained OPI From A to Zurich and Nars Torrid blush which I won in a giveaway she had. Which brings me to her current giveaway, the OPI KP collection! Run & check it out...her blog is awesome!

Unfortunately I had literally just painted my nails Zoya Gilda when I got the package so I couldnt put From A to Zurich on, I can't wait to try it with Barielle Elle's Spell. Also I was pleasantly surprised by Torrid...when I looked at pictures on Nars Site it looked like it was hot HOT pink (maybe I was looking at the wrong picture haha) but its actually a really nice coral-y gold pink!

In other news I'm slowly becoming a MUA Nail Boarder haha! My name is kookiekathleen (don't ask) so yeah, thats me! Maybe I'll post a NOTD soon haha...I don't know, I'm kind of scared people will be like "OMG your nails are freaking hideous!!!"

(Okay this post is going all over the place but whatever) Annnnnd, OPI Texas is releasing tomorrow. From what I've gathered the Texas Collection release will be more...prepared? then the KP collection. Like remember the KP release date was actually pushed back because so many places didnt have them on time and what not. Yep. Originally I was super excited for this collection but with my budget it came between getting some Texas colors or the Zoya Intimate and the Zoya won easily. I may still pick up one of the "sorbet" colors. Psh. Sorbet? ITS JELLY. haha, yeah the sorbet thing bothers me only because I don't think sorbet is a good word to describe jelly polishes....jelly is a good word to describe jelly polishes lol!

Well I'm off to create a look for school tomorrow using torrid :D I'm thinking using my Benefit Her Name was Glowla kit for eyes.

EDIT: ^^Her name was GLOWLA. and LOLA sent me the blush. *twilight zone music*

Sunday, January 30, 2011

OPI Funky Dunkey

*OPI Funky Dunkey*
(2 coats)

Though I'm sure it doesnt need to be said, let me just give the general disclaimer that all purples of this type need: ITS NOT THIS BLUE IN PERSON. :D haha, seriously though, these types of purple are impossible for me to capture. Pretty much Funky Dunkey is a mid tone purple creme. plain & simple. I know ChG Grape Pop is a dupe and I'm sure there are tons of others. I really like it though, and I'm really surprised I didnt have a purple like this in my collection already. Though the formula was a teeny bit on the thin side compared to usual OPI creme formula, but it didnt give me any issues. Also, does anyone know if the shrek collection is permanent? Because my Ulta still has TONS of all the colors.

I definitely had an awesome birthday because I got to go to PF Changs, which I love! The lettuce wraps are amazing! And I had my favorite, honey chicken. So I'm a happy camper :)

Also I found the Anchors Away Collection at Ulta (while searching for Black Shatter, they didnt have it)! Except it was only a very little display that holds 1 of each color, luckily no one had touched it before me. So I got Ahoy! and Sea Spray...and I'm very happy with the purchase! Normally I never buy ChG at Ulta because they're like 6.49? somewhere in the 6$ range which is a lot compared to what you would pay at like Sally's or something. But I had a 20% off coupon so I just got them because I wasnt sure if I would get the opportunity again.

Whew, wordy post. I kind of just felt like jabbering today haha :) Thanks for looking guys!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Zoya Ali

*Zoya Ali*
(2 coats)

I love this shade! This was the neon I elected to wear for midterms (I always wear neons during standardized testing...I'll have to pick a super bright one for the SAT's haha) so I was wearing it for awhile. Ali is pretty tame is regards to neons in general...so I think it would be a good shade for someone who isnt as adventurous but still wants to try neon looks. Another cool thing about Ali is that it doesnt dry matte or even satin like most neons do. This is probably because it isnt totally eye searing, but it doesnt dry totally glossy, you'll still need topcoat to get it that way. Overall I'm really glad I picked Ali up and got a lot of compliments.

Today is my birthday and listen to the SWEETEST thing ever! My friends all chipped in and are getting me two RBL's! They ordered me Plie (LONG time lemming) and Dead Calm! So sweet! I luff them :D

Hope you all have a good saturday!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

OPI HooDoo VooDoo & Smokin' In Havana on TD!

Hey everyone! I was roaming around TransDesign when I saw they had OPI Hoodoo Voodoo and Smokin' In Havana for sale! If you remember or did not know, these shades where included in a 100,000 fan giveaway OPI had on their facebook where they gave away 12 (I think....actually maybe just 8 or 5) retired shades. And these two were part of it!

(Smok'n in Havana)

Now, these 2 don't excite me really BUT I can only pray this means they will be bringing back the other shades (aka I NEED Parlez Vous OPI?) Hope you guys are having a really awesome day! I had a snow day due the freaking 18 inches we got and I have a 2 hour delay tomorrow, WOOT! :D

Any of you guys excited for these 2?

*got the image from TD

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Zoya Gwin (Hello Again!)

Oh geez it feels like I've been gone for a long time! Of course it wasn't really that long at all haha
(Zoya Gwin)
*2 coats*

Pretty darkened orange coral. With strong gold shimmer. I've already shown you guys Zoya Ginger and looking back I probably don't need both. I think I prefer Ginger to Gwin. But for sure Zoya makes the best orange polishes I think! I'm so backlogged with my photos this is from maybe 2 weeks ago so I can't really remember exactly how I feel about it haha!

Because I'm crazy I'm already thinking about a 100 follower giveaway (God willing I EVER get there lol, because you never know)! I was thinking maybe giveaway half of the anchors away collection (like those sets) or let you pick 1 polish from RBL spring collection. Or let you pick any one of The Zoya Sampler Packs. OR giveaway some cult nails or a-england stuff. Sooooo, any thoughts on what would be cool? I'm not sure yet. I just get over excited too soon about this stuff!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Zoya Harlow

*Zoya Harlow*
(2 coats-Pre CleanUp)

Harlow is the purple-y pink matte velvet shade from Zoya! Depending on how you look at it, I could see it being purple OR pink. As with all of the matte velvet shades that I have, its really amazing! Application was great and dry time was uber quick! I know some people say that it dries so fast you won't even be finished painting the nail...but that only makes me wonder how slow they are painting their nails haha :) or maybe how fast I am. Either way Harlow is simply gorgeous and if you are into mattes you should definitely get it! Though I would suggest Savita or Verushcka before Harlow...but they are all amazing!

I've set a budget for spring nail polish (hoping to limit what I get) and it's hard narrowing it down, so many awesome collections! I'm SO enthralled with the new a england brand, with all the mythicals. Because like a lot of people it seems, I'm really into that time period. But converted to USD, they are like 15-16$ dollars each...ouch :/
Also, speaking of expensive polish, have you guys seen the new RBL polishes yet? What do you guys think? I really love the purple gray one but the others not so much. Which is good for my wallet I guess.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Zoya Valerie

*Zoya Valerie*
(1 coat)

Okay. So this is a pretty bad picture. I only did 1 coat which looked pretty opaque in person but the camera flash revealed otherwise haha. Let me just say the formula on valerie is FLAWLESS. The pic is pre cleanup...notice the lack of polish all over the place! Seriously it only went where I put it and was just awesome. The color is a super pretty dark purple that flashes gold! Pretty much if you even like nail polish a little bit, you NEED this polish. Yep. Just a bottle of awesomesauce.

In a bizarre twist of events...I have off again! We got a snow day! So amazing :D Especially since it really isnt snowing that bad and in my area we are used to pretty large amounts of snow. BlahBlahBlah. Midterms are this week. Annnnnnd RBL's spring collection is going to be up on ALU and some other blogs tomorrow! I think maybe Scrangie? I dont know, but that is what Ji said on her facebook! I'm really excited for that :D

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Zoya Gaia

*Zoya Gaia*
(3 coats)

This reminds me of snow with sunlight hitting it! :) Gaia is pretty sheer, but on my short nails it covered well in 3 coats...but you can see on my middle it showed the VNL but it didnt really bother me. It's a marshmallow white with gold sprinkled throughout. It's just a really pretty delicate white which I really like. I would NOT recommend it however if you have major issues with VNL or colors that don't build very well. Because after 3 coats I didnt feel Gaia would get to point where it would cover VNL..but maybe it would at 5-6. Sooo yeah, I really like it though despite its flaws. I can't wait to try it with $OPI Only Gold for Me on top!

Well....I'm going to return to being a hermit covered in blankets watching TLC wedding shows haha :) Have a great day all!

Oh wait, also I'm going prom dress shopping tomorrow which I'm really excited for! I'll keep you guys updated on how it goes...only thing I'm worried about is I get so tired just trying on lots of clothes so hopefully I'll be good haha

Friday, January 14, 2011

Zoya Shawn

*Zoya Shawn*
(2 coats-Pre Clean Up)

Creamy smooth yellow murky green shade! Application was standard Zoya awesomeness, and I really like this color...it made me feel badass (don't ask why haha). I know some people felt this shade was a little too 'weird' for them, but I think anyone could pull it off. In this pic you can see by looking at the bottle that it does have a strong yellow undertone. Yeah. Can't really think of anything else to say.

Midterms are next week, so posting will most likely be sparse. I'm trying to decide what color I should wear. I was thinking Zoya Flowie, because it is a very neutral shade. Or Zoya Ali, which is a super bright neon pink haha. During Finals last year I wore ChG Pink Voltage (also very neon) and people complained my nails distracted them during the test haha! So I'm thinking maybe neon should be a tradition

Hope you all have an awesome day...I'm off school again for MLK day so I'll probably be catching up on my sleep for the rest of the day :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

OPI The Show Must Go On

*OPI The Show Must Go On*
(2 coats)

My camera was dying as I took this pic so I didnt even try to capture the gold side of the duo chrome, you've all seen it I'm sure. I really loved the way this polish applied, I'm not really in love with the color though. However I'm glad I own it & have worn it 2x already so its getting good use. Also I got great wear...it lasted 5 days and then I removed it so maybe longer. I feel like with this color you're either totally in love with it or just like "meh".

My current obsession right now is the Zoya Intimate collection, I'm loving it! But I dont think I can justify getting 6 new Zoya's now that I have I think 11-12 untrieds, which for me is to much. I hope you guys are having an awesome day! I'm on a snow day from school so its a great day haha :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Zoya Haul + Updates

Here's my loot from the 3 free FB thing! I, of course, could not be restricted to only 3 and ended up getting 4 and ridge filler.


1. Gaia
2. Gwin
3. Gilda
4. Charla
5. Ridge Filler

Lots of G's haha! I got Gaia (I prefer spelling it Gaea) simply for the name, because in my ancient myth class we had to dress up as gods/goddesses and pretend we were them and I was gaea. But it does look very pretty!

So, yeah I havent really been around because I was on my schools Model United Nations trip. If you are in Highschool and are interested in politics or just world issues: JOIN! It is so awesome! You get assigned a country and represent it in whichever committee you are in. I was in Political & Security representing Sudan. However Sudan had its referendum to separate into 2 countries right in the middle of Model UN so...yep.

Anyway thats whats been going on. The conference totally WRECKED my nails so they had to be cut even shorter than the were. I wore OPI Plum Full of Cheer and have to say, wasnt loving it.

Hope you all are having a great day! I have a backlog of untrieds that is soooo long and they are mostly Zoya...so expect a lot of Zoya coming up haha :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

$OPI: Havana Dreams

*Sephora By OPI Havana Dreams*
(3-4 coats)

BOO. My camera is incapable of accurately photographing light blues. Havana Dreams is much less bright in person. This is one of the colors people were hoping to be a Chanel Riva dupe, but alas not. It is a very pale watery blue with really thin formula. I did enjoy the color but it was like trench warfare getting it to be good in 3 coats haha...pretty streaky and left bald patches (so I had to do 4 coats on some nails). I've seen some people pull it off well in 3 though, but for the price-tag I would not recommend this color. Which is sad because I really wanted to love it.

Random, have any of you guys smelled Versace Pour Homme? I got it as a free sample from a Sephora order and I'm so in love with it! Even though its made for men (and I've read reviews on it that said its a really masculine smell lol) I wore today and got tons of compliments! Is that weird? Yeah, I feel like thats weird haha. But I don't know I could justify spending a lot of money on men's perfume. or cologne I guess haha...but I love it!!! I dunno haha...don't judge me.

Okay. Yeah. have a nice night all

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Essie Merino Cool

*Essie Merino Cool*
(2 coats)

Really nice grayed out purple creme! This photo really brings out the gray tones to Merino Cool, in person the purple stands out more. My favorite thing about this polish is that it is so shiny! I've heard that it is comparable to $OPI Metro Chic, but Metro Chic is less purple I think. Oh yeah, that blotch is Zoya Crystal haha, I was cleaning around the neck of the bottle and some got stuck on my nail & dried before I noticed. I really like this polish a lot and would definitely recommend it, but it is not the most original color and a lot of you may have a color close to it in your stash.

Have you guys seen the Zoya Intimate Collection swatches yet? They're up on VV & Scrangie if you havent. I think they are all super pretty! My favorites are Dove, Jules, Marley & Caitlin.

On Zoya's Facebook page awhile back everyone was posting name suggestions and I suggested Gemma, which they ended up naming the green color! So I'm being delusional and letting my self belief they picked it from my suggestion :)

And if you've been living under a rock starting on Jan 4, going through the 7th you can get 3 free Zoya's with a code they'll release on the 3rd. You just have to pay S&H. I'll be picking up Sarah, Charla (to replace my broken Catch Me In Your Net) and Gilda. Any of you guys know which ones your getting if you are taking advantage of the deal?

Okay. That's It. :)