Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OPI Swiss Collection Dupe?


I'm having a hunch that "Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous" may be a dupe for OPI's "Silver Belles" which was an ulta exclusive (I think) in the christmas mini pack, "Tiny Tinsels"

I dont plan on buying Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous so I really cant confirm if they are or not. I'm thinking of contacting another blogger who has them both to see. Even if they arent dupes I think they are very close:


But I havent seen LLM in person so I'm not really sure. Just thought I'd put it out there! Even if they are dupes I dont think many people really have Silver Belles anyway so...

Hope your day is going good :D

Tuesday, July 27, 2010



With all the drama thats been going on with OPI and all of the etailers, I know a lot of people have been wondering about ordering nail polish from Amazon. (thought I heard that OPI was back up on TD? I dont know) I thought "hey why not" and decided to order a few.

(pictured above)
-Essie Mint Candy Apple
-OPI Catch Me In Your Net
-OPI Hot and Spicy
-OPI Cooney Island Cotton Candy

The polishes were around 4$ each (the essie was less) and shipping was about 2-3$ combined. They arrived on time and were delivered through is what they came in:

The inside was lined with bubblewrap and each polish was wrapped up in bubblewrap like a little present :D So good shipping...

But to the real question...are these legit OPI's? OPI says (and they're right) that the only true way to tell is by testing the formula...but from what I can tell by appearance I think these are real. Lets take a look!

All letters printed were even and in correct font. mL and Fl were correct too.


Label is the right colors and there were 2. Also the inside of the brush had all the right groove things.


Only flaw being they have those marks from filed off barcodes, much like TD bottles have been known to sport...This bothers me slightly but not enought to really care. I picked this one because the filing is most noticeable, on the other two you can still read the barcode if you squint haha.

OVERALL: my experience with was good. They arrived on time and in good condition and it was what I ordered. I would consider ordering again (which is big for me because I hate ordering things online). If etailers continue to be unable to sell OPI, this may be a good option for you.

***IMPORTANT****: has many different sellers which sell OPI, this review should only be applied to the seller: XPRESSURSELF.I picked them because they had mostly good reviews and had very fair shipping prices.

Have a great day everyone!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Wearable Orange? Huh?

Okay, if you were to ask me what my favorite color is I would say orange. If you were to ask me my favorite nail polish color, orange is probably at the bottom of the list. Something about orange polishes always goes wrong with me. I think it is a mixture of clashing with my skin-tone and also clashing with the colors in the clothes I wear.

But Eureka! I've found a wearable orange for me! It's OPI's Hot and Spicy:


This is a very beautiful orange/tangerine color. I've heard some people call it a coral but I think in MOST lights its an orange. I only got the coral out in total sun. It also, like many other colors in the Hong Kong Collection, has that sort of dusty feel about it, which I really like.

3 coats, as it did have some issues with bald spots, but other than that no problems with the formula, which I know some people said they had problems with.

Also looks AMAZING on toes. Have a good Weekend! :D

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review- Seche Retain


I'm pretty sure we've all seen these lurking around for a bit now...the new Seche Retain, Recondition and...oh jeez I forget the 3rd but you get it haha. I haven't seen a review of these so I thought I would.

Seche Retain is a basecoat (at least thats how I use it...didnt say basecoat anywhere on the bottle) that is designed to help keep already strong nails strong.

Application was super easy, just one quick swipe and you're good. However, it does not apply clear which I know some people don't like. It shows up a sort of milky color but it doesnt in any way effect the color of polish put on top of it.

I think it does do what it says it does. My nails are all over the place in strength levels, and the ones that were already in pretty good shape felt like they had armor on them haha! But it nothing for my more weaker nails, nothing at all.

Overall, its a good product but I don't really believe it is anything outstanding. Being honest I probably would have never gotten it if it hadnt been free at Sally's. Still thought, it does what it says so if you're looking for something along the lines of this product I'd say go ahead and get it :D

Hope everyone's day is going good!

Friday, July 16, 2010

OPI Feeling Hot Hot Hot

This polish felt very appropriate due to the fact that the heat has been downright oppressive where I live. Not to mention the humidity haha, it feels like I'm swimming through air when I go outside.

(Pre-Cleanup Nails...Sorry 'bout that)

^^ taken by my door so its indirect sunlight I'd say


^^Inside kind of dark lighting. First Picture is way more color accurate.

This ended up being three coats. If a little bit of VNL doesn't bother you then 2 would be just fine.
I would describe this as a salmon pink or dark bubblegum. The formula was pretty standard, wasn't a dream to work with but didn't cause any trouble.

I got this color in one of those OPI duo sets that they have at Ulta for only 5.99! :D It was a mothers day set with this and an OPI topcoat, so I got it on clearance after mothers day had passed.

Hope Everyone is having a nice relaxing summer day!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Haulage :D

Ulta is having their usual buy 2 get 1 free OPI so of course I went over to grab some haha. I'm pretty sure the sale is still going on, but I'm not 100% positive. Also they are having great sales on ulta brand things, so I nabbed a Ulta Matte Topcoat. Onto the pics!:D

(In Order Above)

-No Spain No Gain
-Pompeii Purple
-Conquistadorable Color
-Ate Berries in Canaries
-DS Coronation
-Here Today Aragon Tomorrow

Lots of colors from 2009's Spain Collection, I know. These were all colors that I was having mad lemmings for all year but never got around to getting. My dad didnt get it because to him the first 4 look exactly the same lol...he just doesnt get it.


I'm a little (okay, A LOT) late on the whole matte thing. Seeing the swatches I just never really wanted to spend the money on them and when Essie came out with matte about you I still didnt feel like spending the money haha. But I found this little beauty and it was only 2$. Let me Repeat: TWO DOLLARS! Which is pretty good compared to 10$ for matte about you.


This is CoverGirl's City Lights, a sparkle top coat. My local grocery store (which has a really good polish selection considering its a food store) was having a sale and CoverGirls were only .94 cents. I would have bought a lot more since it was so cheap but they had been pretty picked through and no good colors were left :( But I am really happy with this one :D

Don't you just love hauls?