Saturday, August 28, 2010

Help!: Back To School Polish

Hello Everyone! I go back to school on Tuesday and one of the hard parts of having a big polish collection is it makes picking one to wear for something special really hard haha.

So I was hoping you all could give me some color suggestions whether it be a specific color or just a type of color. :D

Heres what I'll be wearing:

Except the shirt I have is heather gray (they didnt show that color online for some reason)

So yeah. Any suggestions? THANK YOU! :D

Thursday, August 26, 2010

OPI Red My Fortune Cookie

FINALLY. Back to normal NOTD posting :D Thanks so much for all of the suggestions for getting the nail polish out of the carpet, the magic fix ended up being WINDEX!


OPI Red My Fortune Cookie, 2 coats, Afternoon sunlight.


Next to some of my mom's pretty flowers :)

Surprisingly out of my entire collection, this is my only RED. Like pow in your face red. And I L.O.V.E it. I think bright red cremes are the best type of red for girls around my age because they dont come across old or anything. More refreshing.

This polish is why I havent bought "Color So Hot It Berns" because they are pretty close. But I might just break down and get it because it seems like "Color So Hot It Berns" is a little more opaque. RMFC could have used a third coat to completely eliminate any VNL.

Have a wonderful day! I'm off to red my summer reading book that I totally did NOT leave until a week before school starts. >.< haha

*edit* LOL I didnt realize I had a typo of "red my summer book" like "red my fortune cookie" Heh. Total AwesomeSauce.

Monday, August 23, 2010

RIP OPI Catch Me In Your Net.....You will be missed!!

My yellow lab Max's giant otter tail knocked over a basket I had with some OPI's in it.

One Brave Soldier didn't make it out....Catch Me In Your Net.

The carpet now contains more than the bottle :(

Any one know:

1. Tips for getting nail polish out of carpet?
2. Places that sell empty bottles/ how can I clean out a bottle to put the rest in?

I WAS wearing ds coronation today, until the "incident" occured and of course it was ruined in my attempts to get it out of the carpet.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

InStyle Magazine: Polish Mentions Galore!

(I've hunted down some WiFi here in OBX and wanted to do a quick post about this!)

Normally when I read my issue of Instyle magazine there is maybe one mention of nail polish, sometimes two. But nail polish's gaining popularity is shown in the latest September Issue featuring Hilary Swank.


-Dakota Fanning is noted as sporting Chanel's famed shade "Jade". To get the look for less InStyle recommends ChG "Flyin High"* or American Apparel "Office"

(*they suggest getting this from head2toe beauty which I thought was interesting considering that isnt an official retailer...Right?)

-Avatar star Zoe Saldana mentions how much she loves the Deborah Lippmann shade "Bad Romance"

TESTED MENTIONS: (i.e. products they tried out and reviewed)

-Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicures.
Apparently these are supposed to be base coat, top coat, color and strengthener. I never knew LOL

-Mood Polish "In the Mood" brand


-Orly Shine and MAC Formidable in Ruffian Manicure

-Yves Rocher Aquarelles Brand

-OPI Hot and Spicy, LPAD, and Red My Fortune Cookie.

-Zoya Remove + also got a mention

Looks like nail polishes are definitely in the spot light right now! I just thought it was cool how much nail polish was in the issue and I thought I'd do a post to let you all know what a fashion mag is reccomending.

I'll be back to regular posting on Sunday/Monday!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vacation !

Hey everyone, tomorrow I'm leaving for my family's week long vacation to the Outer Banks North Carolina. I love it there so much!! I thought I would have time to post pictures of my nails today but unfortunately slept late and I just dont have the time..

Not sure if I'll have internet or not so I may be MIA for the next week.

Here's a list of the polishes I'll be wearing:

-Essie Turquoise and Caicos
-CG Pink Voltage
-CG Orange Knockout
-OPI Russian Navy

Seems like a lot for a week, but my nails get ruined really easily at the beach because I love to dig in the sand so much haha.

Have a great and hopefully relaxing week everyone!

Friday, August 13, 2010

OPI The Color to SWATCH

Watch. Swatch. Heh. Geddit?? xD

3 coats ^^ sheer shimmery lilac color. Almost frost like, you can see faint brush strokes.


This polish has a very whimsical feel about it to me, like I could be petting a unicorn or something :)

The formula was a bit thin, but extremely easy to control. The texture reminds me almost of really fine sand.

Wearing this I also felt like I should be watching those ABC family christmas classics like frosty the snowman or rudolph! Definitely more wintery then fall to me at least. Color to Watch is a very versatile color that I think could be worn to tons of events/occasions and work. If you love purples I would say get it ! :D

Next week I'll have a special layer post with this, since its quite sheer. So you all can see what it looks like over various colors!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Four Things .

Zara from Never Unpolished tagged me so I thought this would be a good chance to do a post where you guys sort of get to know me better so here we go :D

This is supposed to happen on a friday but I felt like doing it now and since friday is only 2 hours away, you'll all read it on a friday most likely anyway haha

4 things found in my purse
-Moolah $$$
-Gift Cards from god knows when
-Student ID

4 favorite things in my room
- I-Home
- Harry Potter Books :D (yeah, im a harry potter nerd. wanna fight?? xD)

4 things I’ve always wanted to do
-Go to Ireland
-Go to Luxembourg
-Totally loose it when someone makes me mad haha, like just completely freak out
-Compete in the Olympics (probably not happening LOL)

4 things I’m currently into

4 things I bet you didn't know about me
-I love sleeping/taking naps
-I have a yellow lab named Max
-I'm attracted to not attractive people
-I'm a cancer survivor

^^number 3 is weird I know, but all throughout my life people have told me that the people I find good looking are actually not good looking. Isnt that weird?? Like I'll point someone out as being hot and everyone around me is like "Erm, no.."

4 songs I can't get out of my head
-Dog Days Are Over By Florence and the Machine
-Don't Unplug Me By ALL CAPS
-You Shall Build A Turtle Fence by AutoTuneTheNews (from youtube haha)
-Flawz by Caitlin Crosby

^^Seriously check out Dog Days Are Over (its the song in the Eat Pray Love trailer)

And I'm breaking the rules!! I dont really know anyone who hasnt already been tagged so I'm just not tagging anyone.

Thanks for reading!

OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries


2 coats. Could have gone with just 1 but it felt weird haha. A Darker pinky purple creme.

I FREAKING LOVE THIS POLISH!!! Colors like this are my favorite, those sort of jewel toned cremes. I had a feeling I would really love this one because I'm also totally in love with its sister from the Espana Collection, Pamplona Purple.

If you dont have this color I would highly recommend it, beautiful color and flawless formula :D

I'll have the Color to Watch up tomorrow...hope you all have an awesome day

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the HAUL to end all HAULS!

after this I'm on a no buy until christmas... :( But onto the happy!:D

First up my picks from the Swiss Collection:

-Ski Teal We Drop
-Diva of Geneva
-Color to Watch

I got one free with my Ulta reward points and since I spent 10$ (convenient that they make it just over how much 1 bottle is haha) I got a free gift:

-Brisbane Bronze
-Bogota Blackberry
-Black Cherry Chutney

I'm really happy that Black Cherry Chutney is in it because I've been wanting to try it out but didnt really want to take the leap and buy a full sized.

With my reward points I also got an Ulta Polish: Altar Ego.

I've seen SO many polishes with a name like this and they're all sheer pinks so its cool to see a kinda of vampy color with the name. Ulta isnt very original with their polish names...(*cough* Vacation in Turks and Caicos *cough*)

Just for buying these two new gel liners in brown and gray (I think black liner looks to harsh on me)...

I got the free reward make up bag! They came in purple and green and the purple was all gone but I wanted green anyway. Heres the bag:


-2 eye quads
-4 brushes
-dual ended lipgloss
-dual ended eye liner
-little make up mirror

Also these two polishes: "Jaded" (hello jade is the new black wannabe haha) and "Brownette"

Thats all the makeup polish stuff! I know its not actually that huge compared to others, but for me its freaking huge!!

Also a bracelet and earrings I got (not at Ulta haha)

LOL these photographed 2 separate colors...they're the color of the one on the left

Thats everything! Thanks for looking!! Even though I'm on a no buy it wont be so bad because my untried piling has been growing so I'll need to try all of them out!


Monday, August 9, 2010

CG Strawberry Fields and Concert!


2 coats, medium pink with golden shimmer running throughout it :)


Sunlight Shot ^^

It is kinda of early in my blog for any of you to know but I'm a total creme girl. So if there is shimmer in a polish it has to be pretty darn special to make me fall in love. I liked Strawberry Fields. But I dont know, something didnt completely connect with it. I think it is because I've seen so many reviews of people flipping out over it I thought it would be way better than it actually is.

But still, very pretty :D

The reason this wasnt up sooner was because I got to go to a concert last night!!! It was the reunion tour of Something Corporate. They arent really mainstream haha, but if you've heard of Jack's Mannequin they have the same lead singer. I REALLY wanted to paint my nails "Jade Is The New Black" but I didnt have time :(

The concert was awesome though!! Except there were two drunk girls dancing like crazy in front of my group and one threw up on a poor bystander!

Tomorrow I'm going to have a great post with a whole bunch of stuff I got at Ulta this weekend...(hello swiss collection :D) Have a great day!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Purple-ish Pinky Panic and Tiny Haul


This is 3 coats of China Glaze's Neon, "Purple Panic" which is totally photographing as a complete pink. In reality it is a darker purple fuchsia color. These pictures are shown with topcoat, because since its a neon this color dries satiny. BUT this had incredible dry time which was awesome.

4 days wear and you can tell there is some chipping happening


This is a good neon if you want to try some neon color, but not the ones that you need to shield your eyes to look at :) It isnt really quite as neon as all of my other china glaze neons.

Overall I really like it.

HAULLLLLL. I had a Sally's coupon so I went and picked up some random china glazes that I had been wanting. The lady who worked there really knew her stuff which was cool because usually when I go places the workers dont really know anything haha. She was trying to convince me that Finger Paints wear a lot longer then china glaze, but FP didnt have any neons so I went for the CG's.


-Purple Panic
-Strawberry Fields
-Orange Knockout (took the plunge to try out another orange!)
-Stripe Rite in plain ol' white.

I'm most excited to try out strawberry fields and the stripe rite!! Hope you're all having a lovely day ^_^

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

OPI Catch Me In Your Net


2 coats. (precleanup) Beautiful. This was in shady sun if that makes sense, unfortunately when I wore this we were having rainy days all through the week. Not much else to say that hasn't been said already haha ;) These pictures arent really showing the flash of green that the polish has


I'll have pictures of "Purple Panic" tomorrow, it was weird applying it because I'd been having an OPI streak so I was so used to the pro-wide brush.

Cross Country Camp was a lot of fun, but really tough. We were hauling our butts up the mountains. We did a 70min run up a mountain! My thighs are still burning. I really like the town of State College (where PennState is),there are tons of really cute shops.

Two people complimented my nails which is always nice :D And thanks to Brooke from GetchaNailsDid for featuring my blog!! Welcome and Hello to all new followers :) it's awesome because I left for camp with about 10 and now I have 28 !!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Goosebump Nails

Thats what ended up happening when I tried out OPI's Coney Island Cotton sad :(


5 Coats with Seche Retain Base and no Topcoat.

TONS of bubbling which gave it the goosebump look. Also the weirdest thing happened with this polish...I got an air bubble stuck in between the layers and if I pushed on it, it would move around my nail haha. Very entertaining but pretty ugly to look at.

I wasnt really expecting that much with this polish but it did disappoint me a smidge. I think I'll try this maybe in a french manicure and see how it looks.

I'm off to Cross Country Camp at PennState for the next three days so I'll be back posting on Wed! I've decided to wear China Glaze's Neon "Purple Panic" so I'll have that to show :D Have a great week guys!