Monday, March 21, 2011

Shattered ! And Zoya Sale

*OPI Austin-tacious Turquoise + Black Shatter*
(2 & then 1 coat)

Hey there! I havent posted in forever it feels like! Life has been so massively crazy it feels hard to keep up with it all! Anyway I'll still been doing mani's of course and taking pics :) I really like the Black shatter and I'm most looking forward to the silver shatter coming out in the Pirates collection- that seems really awesome looking!

Have any of you guys taken part in the current Zoya sale? I kinda feel bad for Zoya because they keep having such awesome promo's but people still complain and I mean...I dunno a company can only have so many sales haha. Here's what I got:

-Phoebe (I thought I would get all the mattes but the other two ended up not interesting me)

I know Sooki isnt anything special but I loved the name and the bright red so I went for it haha

Hope you all are having an awesome week! I really wanted to love the Mod Mattes (and I do think Phoebe is freaking gorgeous) but the Pink reminded me of just any other pink neon that dries matter and the yellow seemed like it was giving people bad application and such. Though I seriously hope Zoya keeps churning out Matte colors because their's are the best in my opinion and I love them for when I'm in a rush (like I am now haha :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise

*OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise* (Did I even spell that right?)
(2 coats)

This polish is really awesome! I'd say it is my favorite out of the Texas collection. It is a bright lake blue color with beautiful shimmer flecks and a SLIGHT has a killer purple shift to it. Only complaint would be that 3 coats would definitely be needed for full opacity, but I knew I was going to use the Shatter over it so I really didnt care about the VNL. Like all OPI collections, I find myself steadily getting more and more of the Texas collection without even realizing it haha :)

I'm very excited because my local supermarket just got the Essie Retail Line Display...yay! I can't tell if it is a smaller display or the size of some big ones I've seen photos of. I didnt buy any because I had no money on me, but I'm seriously eyeing up Sweet Talker, Jamaican Me Crazy and some others. I searched it for dive bar, but I couldnt find even a slot for it. I actually don't mind the retail bottles as much in person...but still don't like that weird sticker on the side of the cap. I also like how they had space for the newest collection above the others, but my display (sounds odd saying that haha) only had French Affair and Sand Tropez. Which is sad because I was liking the looks of Topless and Barefoot.

Dunno why but I'm having an essie streak right now...we'll see how long this lasts haha :D

Hope you guys all had an awesome weekend. My totally flew by and I'm definitely not ready for school in the morning lol

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zoya Sarah + Zoya Price Raise

*Zoya Sarah*
(2 coats)

Love this red! Has the same texture as a lot of Zoya's recently like Edyta, others in the flame collection, Dannii, Jules ect ect. The gold flash is gorgeous and deepens the color a lot. Here you can see after 5 days wear which I think is okay. I get really bad tip this is typical. Application was of course, flawless.

If you havent heard, Zoya has raised their prices to 8$ a bottle. While I want to be angry with the company, I simply can't. Zoya nail polishes are worth the 8$ in my opinion, though I do wish they had kept it at 7$. Also, I think it makes sense because they economy is so bad and Zoya always has the best sales, (the 3 Free promo, b1g1 and stuff like that). So yeah...a little miffed but I know I'll still pay the money for them. How do you feel about the price increase?

Hope you all are having an awesome night! I'm about to go take a nice long nap because lord knows I need it....hopefully Friday will pass by quickly and mercifully haha :D