Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zoya Sarah + Zoya Price Raise

*Zoya Sarah*
(2 coats)

Love this red! Has the same texture as a lot of Zoya's recently like Edyta, others in the flame collection, Dannii, Jules ect ect. The gold flash is gorgeous and deepens the color a lot. Here you can see after 5 days wear which I think is okay. I get really bad tip this is typical. Application was of course, flawless.

If you havent heard, Zoya has raised their prices to 8$ a bottle. While I want to be angry with the company, I simply can't. Zoya nail polishes are worth the 8$ in my opinion, though I do wish they had kept it at 7$. Also, I think it makes sense because they economy is so bad and Zoya always has the best sales, (the 3 Free promo, b1g1 and stuff like that). So yeah...a little miffed but I know I'll still pay the money for them. How do you feel about the price increase?

Hope you all are having an awesome night! I'm about to go take a nice long nap because lord knows I need it....hopefully Friday will pass by quickly and mercifully haha :D

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Nail Designs xox said...

I understand the price change, thought they seem to always have promo's going on you pretty much never have to pay the full 8 dollars a bottle!