Sunday, February 27, 2011

$OPI Under My Trenchcoat + Thoughts on other people using your polish?

*Sephora By OPI Under My Trench-coat*
(2 coats)

Aptly named color! It really does remind of the camel-y color of trench coats. It has tons of gold shimmer that really kicks the color up a notch and makes it more unique to other neutrals out that. Application was okay, kind of thick but not un-workable. I really loved this color for a neutral, but wouldnt say its a must have. I've always considered my NP relationship with $OPI as love/hate. And right now I'm in the hate phase only because they hiked prices up to 9.50. Yes, 9.50! I know to most 'normal' people they may say its just 50 cents but $OPI was already a bit overpriced at 9$. Especially considering that in general a lot of the polishes seem sub-par to regular OPI's which are usually around 8-8.50.

Though I actually like the packaging haha, I know a lot of people hate it. I admit the brush is a little to thin, but I love the big thick cap and shape of the bottle. Seriously, I hate small caps haha, they make my hands cramp!

Now onto "Thoughs on other people using your polish" time:

Since I'm still a teenager I live with 2 other women: my mom & sister. I pretty much lend them any polish they want because I actually want to see my polish be used up. I think it brings me comfort knowing they are being used, and justifies how much I buy ;)

BUT this weekend my cousin came to stay at my house. She was having auditions for college (for theatre) programs and such. When she came in (she's 18, I'm 17 now) her nails were horribly chipped with a different color on every finger. *shudder* Her mom insisted I paint her nails because it was obvious her mom wanted something more appropriate for auditions. I brought down a bin for her to pick a color and she said she wanted to do it herself.

GAH! She totally gummed up the neck of plum full of cheer (she kept letting the excess polish on the brush fall on the side of the neck) Also she was painting all over her cuticles, which normally if someone does that I'm like "hey, its your nails" but she bites her cuticles and they were literally BLEEDING (not profusely or anything) and she was putting the brush over it.

What? Not only does that sound painful, but my brush was going over wounds....freaking gross!

Wow haha. Thats a really long story. I needed to get it off my chest because the whole time I wanted to strangle her. So how do you guys feel about others using your polish? I'm usually pretty chill about it but my cousin was annoying me so much.

that was kind of a rant. I should have warned. sorry! Thanks for reading and I hope you guys all have an awesome Oscar Night!


Ralu said...

With all the acetone and other cute chemical stuff in the polish, I think you're safe when it comes to germs... I don't think anything can live in a bottle of polish :) But you can have a rule of "people not using your bottle themselves" because "you are very serious about keeping the neck of the bottle clean to avoid your rare and $$$ collection from drying". It would work even better with a sad story of a rare/discontinued/$$$ polish that got DISTROYED because made a mess on the neck and it never closed properly :)

Madeline said...

I'm in college and I couldn't bring all 200+ polishes in my collection with me, so they live at home with my sister. I trust her to take good care of them. there was one incident with Sally Hansen Celeb City but she was 13 at the time, and it's cheap and readily available. I've let friends use my polishes before with no problems. But it totally sucks that you let your cousin use your polish and she totally disrespected it. :/

Kathleen said...

Ralu- Yeah, that makes me feel better about the germs! Its more the idea though that grosses me out haha

Madeline: Haha, I've always thought about what polishes will come with me when I go to college! Its going to be hard picking! The worst part was cleaning the neck later but at least it didnt break or anything :)

Poetic Realist said...

I don't mind people using my polish if they use a different color each time they ask me. I jsut hate when people ask to use the same color all the time because it's my bottle and they want to use it more than me. I also hate when they don't close the lid back properly and let polish leak out because they didn't store it upright. Or when people ask me to help them paint their nails or help them cleanup the excess polish. If they wanted a salon job, they should have gone to the salon, instead of asking me so I could mess up my own manicure.

Kathleen said...

PR- Agreed on everything! My sister does tend to use my bottle of OPI Pamplona Purple alllll the time