Friday, July 16, 2010

OPI Feeling Hot Hot Hot

This polish felt very appropriate due to the fact that the heat has been downright oppressive where I live. Not to mention the humidity haha, it feels like I'm swimming through air when I go outside.

(Pre-Cleanup Nails...Sorry 'bout that)

^^ taken by my door so its indirect sunlight I'd say


^^Inside kind of dark lighting. First Picture is way more color accurate.

This ended up being three coats. If a little bit of VNL doesn't bother you then 2 would be just fine.
I would describe this as a salmon pink or dark bubblegum. The formula was pretty standard, wasn't a dream to work with but didn't cause any trouble.

I got this color in one of those OPI duo sets that they have at Ulta for only 5.99! :D It was a mothers day set with this and an OPI topcoat, so I got it on clearance after mothers day had passed.

Hope Everyone is having a nice relaxing summer day!

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