Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review- Seche Retain


I'm pretty sure we've all seen these lurking around for a bit now...the new Seche Retain, Recondition and...oh jeez I forget the 3rd but you get it haha. I haven't seen a review of these so I thought I would.

Seche Retain is a basecoat (at least thats how I use it...didnt say basecoat anywhere on the bottle) that is designed to help keep already strong nails strong.

Application was super easy, just one quick swipe and you're good. However, it does not apply clear which I know some people don't like. It shows up a sort of milky color but it doesnt in any way effect the color of polish put on top of it.

I think it does do what it says it does. My nails are all over the place in strength levels, and the ones that were already in pretty good shape felt like they had armor on them haha! But it nothing for my more weaker nails, nothing at all.

Overall, its a good product but I don't really believe it is anything outstanding. Being honest I probably would have never gotten it if it hadnt been free at Sally's. Still thought, it does what it says so if you're looking for something along the lines of this product I'd say go ahead and get it :D

Hope everyone's day is going good!

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