Friday, September 10, 2010

Must Have Zoya Polishes???

Hey all! My camera is unfortunately with my mom who is away right now so I couldn't get pictures of Ski Teal We Drop for you :( But when she gets back I'll put up Pompeii Purple which I have on now (spoiler alert: its gorgeous!) '


I'm placing my first order from Zoya. Here is what I'm getting so far:

+some color spoons

Woah, just realized they all sound russian-y haha. I wanted to quickly ask what your favorite Zoya shades are that you would recommend because I probably wont order again for a long time because ordering online is always a PITA since I have no credit card.

Thats about it yeah must have zoya shades?

I appreciate it so much guys :)

P.S. I'm nearing 50 followers at which point I'll have a little giveaway..nothing huge but if you're not officially "following" yet you may want to *hint hint* LOL because I will probably giving people who followed me before the giveaway an extra entry :)


StardustStephanie said...

Oh geez that's hard so many faves!

I'd recommend Kotori, Ivanka, Kiki, Elke, Zara, Suvi, Evangeline, & Roxy.

KarenD said...

I was just about to write that I had Pompeii Purple on my toes right now, except then I realized it's Pamplona Purple I'm wearing, so nevermind. :)

Stephanie is right--there are so many great Zoya colors. Some that I like that come to mind immediately are Verushka, Adina, Astra, and Savita.

ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

Zara and Ivanka...

Kathleen said...

Thanks so much guys! I ended up getting the 3 I mentioned (soooo excited for Savita) and then I picked up color spoons of Kiki and Gwin...I can't wait for them to arrive!