Sunday, September 5, 2010

Orly Rage (literally!)

Sorry about being MIA for the past weekish. First week of school. 'Nuff said. I've being taking pictures of my nails still so I'm creating a backlog sort of thing so that I can already have pictures on my computer ready to go whenever I feel like posting :D

I wore Orly Rage for the first few days:

1 coat! And great dry time also

Orly colors dont usually tempt me, I usually have something similar to all the colors they release. But I own nothing like Rage! I love it!! And I am a fan of the rubber grippy handle, makes it very easy to use.

Also I sneaked into Ulta and kind of broke my no buy. But I needed more nail envy so I got that and picked up OPI melon of troy, a long time lemming.

Got free opi nail remover stuff with the nail envy.

And now for the "literal" rage. a rant on my local ulta. I'M SO PISSED!!

I also went to pick up an Urban Decay Naked palette. I called that morning to make sure they had them in stock, and they said yes, but they were going fast so would I like to reserve one. Of course, I said yes and they told me they would hold it until I got there.

I get there and ask about it. The girl behind the counter (BTW, the girls who work at my Ulta are total airheads) is looking everywhere for it and finally asks the manager.

Her response? "Oh, we gave that to another customer. But you can check again next week to see if we have them in stock again. "

GARRRRRRRRRRRAHHHH! She didn't even apologize. And Ulta is kind of a far drive so I cant just pop in whenever. I freaking hate Ulta...but I dont. I love all their products and its the only nearby place I can get stuff like OPI and Urban Decay ect ect, but the workers are always SO frustrating and I leave annoyed like every time.

SIGH. thanks for listening.

Hope you guys are having a great week though :)


Mai said...

Are you serious? You had it on reserve and they just decided to give it to someone else? I would definitely complain to higher management because that's just BS.

Kathleen said...

I know!! I was pretty much speechless. and I dont think the palette will be in stock again until early october. CURSE YOU ULTA! haha, hopefully I'll get my hands on one eventually

Danielle said...

Arggg, I would have been sooooo pissed. I really hate when people don't know how to do their own job properly