Friday, October 29, 2010

My First Giveaway!!! (win YOUR CHOICE of any two RBL polishes!Open Internationally)

So, its a little early since I'm only at 45 followers but I couldnt help it!!! I switched back and forth so many times with what I wanted to giveaway but finally I thought why not take advantage of the RBL sale 'cause I aint made of money here people LOL

1. Must be a follower with GFC
2. Followers before the giveaway are getting two enteries :)
3. A blog entry will get you an extra as well!
4. Polishes chosen must be included in the sale (sorry tudors)

TO ENTER: comment filling out this here form thingy :D

1.) email address and GFC name
2.) Which 2 Polishes you want..and why!
3.) If you blogged about it please drop me a link

Giveaway ends Sunday at 10pm EST !!! (not a lot of time, I know)

oh and yes, open internationally:)

soooo yeah! i'm like crazy excited lol, I just love giving gifts! Have a great night guys, and good luck everyone!!


Jana said...

Wow!! What a generous giveaway - thank you SO much for hosting it! I'm keeping my fingers crossed I win :)

1.) email address and GFC name
JeweledTips(at)yahoo(dot)com and GFC name is Jana

2.) Which 2 Polishes you want..and why!
360 and Scrangie... they are both so unique and lovely and amazingggg. I am lemming 360 the most!

Thanks again!

Amy said...

Awesome giveaway!

I would want Under the Stars and Stormy- they look like awesome colors!

Jessica D. said...

so generous! and being Canadian, ordering isn't even an option due to the crazy shipping charges, so thanks for this opportunity!

1. jessica.decarlo at, Jessica D. (GFC)
2. this tough because i don't own any! but i'd have to say 360 because i've loved the swatches since it came out (same with diddy mow, but i have essie sew psyched so I'm good on that one) and then Mismas because I'm a sucker for a good purple!

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Best giveaway yet - thanks Kathleen!

1. I follow via Google - Natalie
2. onbeautyandpolish(at)gmail(dot)com
3. I added your contest to my blog:
4. Definitely No More War and Scrangie!

Thanks again!!

Andrea said...

I was a follower of yours before the giveaway but through Blogger, not through GFC. I'm a GFC follower now though! The name is Andrea Shaffer. The polishes I want most are Bruised and Teal because they just look so intense and gorgeous! I LOVE dark jewel-like colors.

BTW, great giveaway! Very creative!

Millie said...

What a fab giveaway! Yay, thanks for including us internationals:) I don't have any RBLs and would love to try them but the int shipping is a killer. I love Scrangie because I have always loved purples and greens so a combination of purple and green together is just perfect! Also really love 360 since it reminds me of my fave place (the ocean) and the dustiness of the blue is so unique and unexpected.
GFC Millie
snowleopard_al AT hotmail DOT com

Nikki said...

1.) GFC is Nikki

2.) 360 and Concrete Jungle
I've totally been lemming 360 for ages. It's gorgeous. And I've been searching for the perfect gray polish and Concrete Jungle looks like it would fill that void in my stash amazingly.

KatieCan86 said...

Awesome giveaway! I love the whole concept of your's different and fresh!

1.GFC Name:

2. This was a hard choice! I would pick: Recycle and 360

3.I blogged about this giveaway (yay! lol)


amusedPolish said...

Wohoo, great giveaway :)

My follower name is amusedPolish (am a follower before the giveaway) and my email adress is roryleighgilmore-at-gmail-dot-com

I'd chosse Scrangie and Teal if I win.

And I blogged about your giveaway here:

peripatetic33 said...

google follower before the giveaway


I want Diddy Mow and 360 because I have been lemming them since they first came out and even tho I know my Sew Psyched is a Diddy Mow Dupe I love my greens and want to have both. I decided to sit the sale out because I have to exercise some budget control so that makes this an especially fun contest to enter. Thank you

Anonymous said...

1.) scandalouslypolished at gmail
2.) Starfish patrick and Dead Calm because one is jelly and I've been lemming dead calm for so long

Thanks for such an awesome giveaway.

fisiwoman said...

Enter me please! Nice giveaway!

1.) email address and GFC name: fisiwoman at hotmail dot com, Fisiwoman.
2.) Which 2 Polishes you want..and why! I choose Grunge and Dead Calm because I love the colors!

Ana Belén R.M

Smita said...

thanks for this giveaway!

1. smita411 at hotmail dot com GFC name - Smita
2. which polishes and why..
oh chocolat and stormy.. why? because they seem really nice fall/winter colors!


Jo said...

I follow your blog through Google Connect as Jo Tee :)

If I were to choose 2 polishes, I would choose Jane and Starfish Patrick :)

Mai said...

This is really generous of you!

GFC- Mai

dancinbluegirl90 at gmail dot com

I would absolutely love Scrangie and Concrete Jungle. I think most everyone should get Scrangie because of how unique it is (even the big name companies can't reproduce it) and Concrete Jungle has such an awesome name

sonidlo said...

Amazing giveaway!

GFC follower - sonidlo
email -
RBL Scrangie and Black Russian because these are so original and I haven´t something like this

Erin said...

Fantastic giveaway!!!

1. Email:
2. GFC: eevilee
3. I'd choose Teal and No More War because they are unique colors and I have not seen them in other polish lines

Zara said...

1) Zara Petkovic, bookworm396 at gmail dot com
2) No More War and Grunge, because I'm really loving neutrals and olives right now, and they're both gorgeous!
3) I didn't blog about it, but it is in my sidebar if that counts:

April said...

I'm a follower with GFC. April

I would choose No More War & Bikini Bottom. My collection is missing both the perfect army green & the perfect pale blue!

Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into your blog!

Chantal said...

Awesome giveaway, thank you soooooo much.

1) My GFC name is Chantal and my email is glitterkitten at hellokitty dot com.

2) I would love to own No More War and 360, because I don't have any colours like them in my collection, and they are gorgeous!

Cheers :o)

tattgiff said...

tattgiff at centurytel dot net
thank u 4 hosting this, how fun!
stormy and teal!

Deanna said...

Nice giveaway! :) I've always wanted to try RBL but it's so expensive :(

GFC name: Deanna
Email: lorrainenails [at]
Blog entry:
2 polishes: Scrangie, because everyone else wants it so I figure I need to have it too, lol... and Under the Stars because it's a pretty color :)

Thanks! :D