Saturday, August 28, 2010

Help!: Back To School Polish

Hello Everyone! I go back to school on Tuesday and one of the hard parts of having a big polish collection is it makes picking one to wear for something special really hard haha.

So I was hoping you all could give me some color suggestions whether it be a specific color or just a type of color. :D

Heres what I'll be wearing:

Except the shirt I have is heather gray (they didnt show that color online for some reason)

So yeah. Any suggestions? THANK YOU! :D


Jennifer said...

Cute outfit. I don't like to match my nail color to my clothes because I think that's boring and the clothes should bring the polish color out. Maybe try a mint green with that outfit? Or since summer's almost over, a bright color like orange, yellow or pink? Hope that helps!

Kathleen/PurePolish said...

Thank you so much! And yeah normally I dont match them because I'm just to busy to plan for that lol, thanks again!!