Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thoughts on Upcoming OPI Femme De Cirque + Pirates of The Caribbean Collections

Recently promo pics of The upcoming OPI Soft Shades and Brights have been coming out. I, of course, wanted to talk about it :D

The OPI Soft Shades Collection is Called Femme De Cirque. Pretty sweet name right? I got excited from just hearing the name, even though the OPI Annual Soft Shades are definitely the least exciting releases of the year IMO.

MEH. Like I said Soft Shades don't really get me going. You can see swatches of a few on alizarine's blog! Here's what I needed to get off my chest: OH GOD THE NAMES! Or I should say name, singular.

So Many Clowns....So Little Time. I SHUDDER. haha, im sorry but even thinking about that creeps me the hell out...and I'm not even one of those people that have a fear of clowns. But still. Creepy!

Heres Promo Pic for Pirates:

GAH GAH GAH. OPI could have done so much with Pirates as a collection. When I think pirates of the Caribbean I think of rich reds and deep purples....beautiful emeralds.I guess jewel tones in general. But we'll see how these come out...I do see potential for greatness, just not with the theme of pirates. ALSO I think the names could have been way cooler, with more character/movie specific names. As opposed to pirates in general. Also there will be a silver shatter releasing which sounds pretty awesome...though I'm getting a little tired of all the crackle

Sooooooo yeah. Thoughts? I always like to get out my original feelings on collections because its fun to look back after they come up. At this point Soft Shades is a Nay and Pirates is a Yay. I think some of the pirate colors may turn out awesome...I just think the colors don't match what I would think of as 'pirates of the Caribbean"

Have a great day. I used a lot of caps in this post...don't let it fool you, I still love my OPI's dearly :D

*pics from mbeautylounge


KarenD said...

I Juggle is the only one from Cirque that I'm interested in, and once I see it I may decide I don't need it if it's too close to some of the similar sheers I've got. The colors aren't at all what I'd hope for from Femme du Cirque--I think Cirque du Soleil and that's a heck of a lot more vibrant than these.

I am with you 100% on the PoC collection--has nothing to do with Pirates. A few of the shades are intriguing and I'll probably pick them up but would Pirates??? NO.

Zara said...

I totally agree - the "pirate" colors are not pirate colors! If I was making a Pirates of the Caribbean collection, I'd want bold, rich colors, and of course you'd have to include a gold! Stranger Tides and Mermaid's Tears look kind of interesting, but I love PoC and I wish they'd done it justice.

Kathleen said...

Karen- I Juggle is the one the interested me too, but on the swatches I saw it seemed really really sheer, which I'm not a fan of. And yeah its really funny about the PoC thing!

Zara- Yep! Don't know what OPI was thinking on that one gold!?

Anonymous said...

i agree with zara. bolder colors would have been better for the pirate collection. bold colors with some shimmer in them

Kathleen said...

Anon- Yes! Shimmer is what I was thinking would be awesome to go with the Pirates theme