Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zoya Gilda

*Zoya Gilda*
(2 coats)

Sorry about the tip wear...didnt wrap my tips when I wore this which spells disaster for me! Polishes usually never chip on me (Probably because I change every 3 days or so) but I always get really bad tip wear.

Anyway! I got Gilda because I had tried Zoya Kiki and I just totally feel in love with Zoya Pinks! I love the texture on the Sparkle gives a lot of bling without the painful removal of full on glitter.

I got my Zoya Intimate Collection which is total LOVE, so look out for those slowly coming up! Also I got my Ulta rewards thing today & I was level 4 which means I can get two free OPI's! Its good because me, my sister & my mom share one card so I get points from anything they buy. I think I'll be getting Black Shatter for sure haha...but if they don't have any I think I'll get Austin-tatious Turquoise and Houston we have a purple.

Have an amazing night guys!

p.s. my stomach is growling like CRAZY right now.


Natalie said...

Very pretty color! I love it!

Kathleen said...

Me too! I seriously think I need to get the rest of the Sparkle collection!