Saturday, January 29, 2011

Zoya Ali

*Zoya Ali*
(2 coats)

I love this shade! This was the neon I elected to wear for midterms (I always wear neons during standardized testing...I'll have to pick a super bright one for the SAT's haha) so I was wearing it for awhile. Ali is pretty tame is regards to neons in I think it would be a good shade for someone who isnt as adventurous but still wants to try neon looks. Another cool thing about Ali is that it doesnt dry matte or even satin like most neons do. This is probably because it isnt totally eye searing, but it doesnt dry totally glossy, you'll still need topcoat to get it that way. Overall I'm really glad I picked Ali up and got a lot of compliments.

Today is my birthday and listen to the SWEETEST thing ever! My friends all chipped in and are getting me two RBL's! They ordered me Plie (LONG time lemming) and Dead Calm! So sweet! I luff them :D

Hope you all have a good saturday!


Toesthattwinkle! said...

This looks great on you! What a fun pink! It looks spectacular and i like that it doesnt dry matte!

Zara said...

Ali looks great on you...and you have amazing friends! My friends (though I should add that I love them dearly) would probably have no clue what polishes to get me. :)

Kathleen said...

TTT-Thank you! It really is unique as far as neons go :)

Zara- Haha well I had mentioned Plie to one of them once and I think they just randomly picked Dead Calm, I was very surprised haha