Sunday, January 16, 2011

Zoya Gaia

*Zoya Gaia*
(3 coats)

This reminds me of snow with sunlight hitting it! :) Gaia is pretty sheer, but on my short nails it covered well in 3 coats...but you can see on my middle it showed the VNL but it didnt really bother me. It's a marshmallow white with gold sprinkled throughout. It's just a really pretty delicate white which I really like. I would NOT recommend it however if you have major issues with VNL or colors that don't build very well. Because after 3 coats I didnt feel Gaia would get to point where it would cover VNL..but maybe it would at 5-6. Sooo yeah, I really like it though despite its flaws. I can't wait to try it with $OPI Only Gold for Me on top!

Well....I'm going to return to being a hermit covered in blankets watching TLC wedding shows haha :) Have a great day all!

Oh wait, also I'm going prom dress shopping tomorrow which I'm really excited for! I'll keep you guys updated on how it goes...only thing I'm worried about is I get so tired just trying on lots of clothes so hopefully I'll be good haha


Zara said...

That would look awesome with Only Gold for Me! I love that top coat. :) Good luck prom shopping! I need to find a dress, too.

Kathleen said...

Thanks! Hopefully I'll be able to find something. I'm leaning towards a Grecian look !