Friday, January 14, 2011

Zoya Shawn

*Zoya Shawn*
(2 coats-Pre Clean Up)

Creamy smooth yellow murky green shade! Application was standard Zoya awesomeness, and I really like this made me feel badass (don't ask why haha). I know some people felt this shade was a little too 'weird' for them, but I think anyone could pull it off. In this pic you can see by looking at the bottle that it does have a strong yellow undertone. Yeah. Can't really think of anything else to say.

Midterms are next week, so posting will most likely be sparse. I'm trying to decide what color I should wear. I was thinking Zoya Flowie, because it is a very neutral shade. Or Zoya Ali, which is a super bright neon pink haha. During Finals last year I wore ChG Pink Voltage (also very neon) and people complained my nails distracted them during the test haha! So I'm thinking maybe neon should be a tradition

Hope you all have an awesome day...I'm off school again for MLK day so I'll probably be catching up on my sleep for the rest of the day :)


Zara said...

I like it! Do you know how similar it is to Orly Enchanted Forest?

Kathleen said...

Enchanted Forest is actually a decent amount darker then Shawn (going by bottles & what I remember Enchanted Forest looked like on the nail). Also it's sort of blue-er if that makes sense? Different enough to own both if your a green lover like me but close enough that a normal person probably wouldnt own both haha hope that made sense!