Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Zoya Gwin (Hello Again!)

Oh geez it feels like I've been gone for a long time! Of course it wasn't really that long at all haha
(Zoya Gwin)
*2 coats*

Pretty darkened orange coral. With strong gold shimmer. I've already shown you guys Zoya Ginger and looking back I probably don't need both. I think I prefer Ginger to Gwin. But for sure Zoya makes the best orange polishes I think! I'm so backlogged with my photos this is from maybe 2 weeks ago so I can't really remember exactly how I feel about it haha!

Because I'm crazy I'm already thinking about a 100 follower giveaway (God willing I EVER get there lol, because you never know)! I was thinking maybe giveaway half of the anchors away collection (like those sets) or let you pick 1 polish from RBL spring collection. Or let you pick any one of The Zoya Sampler Packs. OR giveaway some cult nails or a-england stuff. Sooooo, any thoughts on what would be cool? I'm not sure yet. I just get over excited too soon about this stuff!

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