Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Zoya Valerie

*Zoya Valerie*
(1 coat)

Okay. So this is a pretty bad picture. I only did 1 coat which looked pretty opaque in person but the camera flash revealed otherwise haha. Let me just say the formula on valerie is FLAWLESS. The pic is pre cleanup...notice the lack of polish all over the place! Seriously it only went where I put it and was just awesome. The color is a super pretty dark purple that flashes gold! Pretty much if you even like nail polish a little bit, you NEED this polish. Yep. Just a bottle of awesomesauce.

In a bizarre twist of events...I have off again! We got a snow day! So amazing :D Especially since it really isnt snowing that bad and in my area we are used to pretty large amounts of snow. BlahBlahBlah. Midterms are this week. Annnnnnd RBL's spring collection is going to be up on ALU and some other blogs tomorrow! I think maybe Scrangie? I dont know, but that is what Ji said on her facebook! I'm really excited for that :D

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