Thursday, August 26, 2010

OPI Red My Fortune Cookie

FINALLY. Back to normal NOTD posting :D Thanks so much for all of the suggestions for getting the nail polish out of the carpet, the magic fix ended up being WINDEX!


OPI Red My Fortune Cookie, 2 coats, Afternoon sunlight.


Next to some of my mom's pretty flowers :)

Surprisingly out of my entire collection, this is my only RED. Like pow in your face red. And I L.O.V.E it. I think bright red cremes are the best type of red for girls around my age because they dont come across old or anything. More refreshing.

This polish is why I havent bought "Color So Hot It Berns" because they are pretty close. But I might just break down and get it because it seems like "Color So Hot It Berns" is a little more opaque. RMFC could have used a third coat to completely eliminate any VNL.

Have a wonderful day! I'm off to red my summer reading book that I totally did NOT leave until a week before school starts. >.< haha

*edit* LOL I didnt realize I had a typo of "red my summer book" like "red my fortune cookie" Heh. Total AwesomeSauce.

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