Monday, August 23, 2010

RIP OPI Catch Me In Your Net.....You will be missed!!

My yellow lab Max's giant otter tail knocked over a basket I had with some OPI's in it.

One Brave Soldier didn't make it out....Catch Me In Your Net.

The carpet now contains more than the bottle :(

Any one know:

1. Tips for getting nail polish out of carpet?
2. Places that sell empty bottles/ how can I clean out a bottle to put the rest in?

I WAS wearing ds coronation today, until the "incident" occured and of course it was ruined in my attempts to get it out of the carpet.



Smita said...

looks like today is the day of polish dropping! my friend gave me 3 polishes from her trip to isreal and one fell and broke :( nothing salvageable unfortunately! at least it wasn't super expensive

Veronica said...

Sorry to hear!

^ thats an article on removing nail polish from carpets. hope that helps!

Caroline said...

I had that happen to me, but I broke three bottles at the same time-all dark blue, on a light beige carpet!

Anonymous said...

my CMIYN fell and broke too...... the day after I bought it!! maybe those particular bottles are weak? Depending on what color carpet you have, you may be able to get away with using remover?? not sure about that though :( good luck!

polishedchibita said...

I spilled a bottle of polish on my carpet too, but that was ALL due to my own clumsiness. I researched it and, believe it or not, Windex works! I cleaned the bright red out of my tan carpet and it was spotless. However, I cleaned it RIGHT AFTER I spilled it, so I don't know if it'll work if you've let it sit for a while. Hope I helped! :)

Kathleen/PurePolish said...

Smita- aw, I guess it is :( But that is true and CMIYN has like a thousand dupes so I can find another

Veronica- Thank you!! That did help a lot :D

Caroline: Ouch! Mine is like sparkly blue on whitish blueish carpet..hard to describe haha

Anon- Huh, maybe...because none of my other OPIs broke but it could just be the angle that it fell

polished- GAH, Savior!!! haha the windex did the trick! Thank you so so so much!