Thursday, August 12, 2010

Four Things .

Zara from Never Unpolished tagged me so I thought this would be a good chance to do a post where you guys sort of get to know me better so here we go :D

This is supposed to happen on a friday but I felt like doing it now and since friday is only 2 hours away, you'll all read it on a friday most likely anyway haha

4 things found in my purse
-Moolah $$$
-Gift Cards from god knows when
-Student ID

4 favorite things in my room
- I-Home
- Harry Potter Books :D (yeah, im a harry potter nerd. wanna fight?? xD)

4 things I’ve always wanted to do
-Go to Ireland
-Go to Luxembourg
-Totally loose it when someone makes me mad haha, like just completely freak out
-Compete in the Olympics (probably not happening LOL)

4 things I’m currently into

4 things I bet you didn't know about me
-I love sleeping/taking naps
-I have a yellow lab named Max
-I'm attracted to not attractive people
-I'm a cancer survivor

^^number 3 is weird I know, but all throughout my life people have told me that the people I find good looking are actually not good looking. Isnt that weird?? Like I'll point someone out as being hot and everyone around me is like "Erm, no.."

4 songs I can't get out of my head
-Dog Days Are Over By Florence and the Machine
-Don't Unplug Me By ALL CAPS
-You Shall Build A Turtle Fence by AutoTuneTheNews (from youtube haha)
-Flawz by Caitlin Crosby

^^Seriously check out Dog Days Are Over (its the song in the Eat Pray Love trailer)

And I'm breaking the rules!! I dont really know anyone who hasnt already been tagged so I'm just not tagging anyone.

Thanks for reading!

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