Monday, August 9, 2010

CG Strawberry Fields and Concert!


2 coats, medium pink with golden shimmer running throughout it :)


Sunlight Shot ^^

It is kinda of early in my blog for any of you to know but I'm a total creme girl. So if there is shimmer in a polish it has to be pretty darn special to make me fall in love. I liked Strawberry Fields. But I dont know, something didnt completely connect with it. I think it is because I've seen so many reviews of people flipping out over it I thought it would be way better than it actually is.

But still, very pretty :D

The reason this wasnt up sooner was because I got to go to a concert last night!!! It was the reunion tour of Something Corporate. They arent really mainstream haha, but if you've heard of Jack's Mannequin they have the same lead singer. I REALLY wanted to paint my nails "Jade Is The New Black" but I didnt have time :(

The concert was awesome though!! Except there were two drunk girls dancing like crazy in front of my group and one threw up on a poor bystander!

Tomorrow I'm going to have a great post with a whole bunch of stuff I got at Ulta this weekend...(hello swiss collection :D) Have a great day!!


Smita said...

I love haul posts! Can't wait! Love this color on you!

Zara said...

Ew, drunk girls. I'm sorry. I'm glad the concert was good, though, and I can't wait to see your haul!

Kathleen said...

Smita- Thanks so much! I did really like how it looked against my skintone

Zara- I know right?? It was really awkward because nobody else was even really drinking. *sigh* when will people learn? haha