Thursday, August 12, 2010

OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries


2 coats. Could have gone with just 1 but it felt weird haha. A Darker pinky purple creme.

I FREAKING LOVE THIS POLISH!!! Colors like this are my favorite, those sort of jewel toned cremes. I had a feeling I would really love this one because I'm also totally in love with its sister from the Espana Collection, Pamplona Purple.

If you dont have this color I would highly recommend it, beautiful color and flawless formula :D

I'll have the Color to Watch up tomorrow...hope you all have an awesome day


Jana said...

I love jewel toned colors too - this one is great! But I'm expecially excited for The Color To Watch tomorrow :)

ABOP said...

That's such a rich and happy color. Looks great on you.

Kathleen said...

Jana- Just put it up! Such a pretty color

ABOP- Thank you! And yeah it has this sort of deepness to it that I love :)