Friday, August 13, 2010

OPI The Color to SWATCH

Watch. Swatch. Heh. Geddit?? xD

3 coats ^^ sheer shimmery lilac color. Almost frost like, you can see faint brush strokes.


This polish has a very whimsical feel about it to me, like I could be petting a unicorn or something :)

The formula was a bit thin, but extremely easy to control. The texture reminds me almost of really fine sand.

Wearing this I also felt like I should be watching those ABC family christmas classics like frosty the snowman or rudolph! Definitely more wintery then fall to me at least. Color to Watch is a very versatile color that I think could be worn to tons of events/occasions and work. If you love purples I would say get it ! :D

Next week I'll have a special layer post with this, since its quite sheer. So you all can see what it looks like over various colors!


KarenD said...

Color to swatch--ha! Looking forward to your layering post with this.

Jana said...

haha I like this, it's pretty! And I can't wait to see what it looks like layered!