Tuesday, December 28, 2010

OPI All the Berry Best

*OPI All the Berry Best*
(1 coat!)

Oh, I love this polish so much. 1 coat, smooth as butter. Beautiful shimmering ruby with pink undertones.


^^ I think this picture is the most color accurate. This is one of those polishes that really comes alive with topcoat, so if you have this color make sure you TC it! I just loved looking at it while it was on my nails and it wore like iron for me!


^^ this shows (or was meant to show..) how AtBB doesnt come across strictly red 100% of the time. Most people named this as least favorite of the Ulta exclusives, but I think it is way better than Gift of Gold. I don't know, I usually hate reds that arent cremes but this one is awesome!


swatchcat said...

That is a pretty berry color, and all in one coat!

Kathleen said...

Gotta love those one coaters :) It's crazy how much faster 1 coat dries than 2!