Thursday, December 30, 2010

Orly Galaxy Girl (AKA Zenon Girl of the 21st Century???)

*Orly Galaxy Girl*
(2 coats-Preclean up)

When this polish first came out and I saw the name Immediately thought of this Disney Channel Original Movie called Zenon girl of 21st Century, about a girl who lived in a space station, it came out when I was younger. I loved that movie! (actually there were several) Has anyone seen it?

Anyway, when the Cosmic FX collection first came out I was happy to pass on all of them, because they were 10$ even on TD and they just didnt appeal to me that much. Well I found Galaxy Girl (along with the others) for only 4.99$ at my local beauty supply shop and that sweetened the deal. It's really quite pretty! But definitely not for someone who doesnt like to be very adventurous with colors. I did think it was way prettier in the bottle than on my nail, maybe its my skintone or something.

So yeah, pretty color but not worth 10$, in my opinion. I know a lot of people disagree but I think the color just didnt connect with me for some reason. I'll have to try again soon.

Oh and I love those rubber caps on Orly's, I just like the way they feel and the good grip they give.

Have a wonderful night everyone :)


Zara said...

YES I remember Zenon! I loved those movies, but I hadn't thought of them in years! I may have to find them on the interwebs now... :)

swatchcat said...

Those Orlys really are pretty, but I'm with you, not worth the $10.

Kathleen said...

Zara- haha I wasnt sure anyone would know/remember them! I loved all the funky furniture and clothing in those movies lol

Swatchcat- Yep! Especially for a brand that is usually much cheaper

Janna said...

Zenon! I love being a 90s kid. and this polish never interested me AT ALL until recently. It is pretty but the price tag was notttt.

Kathleen said...

Yeah I really like the blue flash but seriously I hate when companies randomly hike prices for a collection. Haha and I love flash backing to the 90's TV...good times!

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