Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quick Zoya Dovima + RBL vote+ Burb Beauty Giveaway

*Zoya Dovima*
(2 coats-Pre cleanup)

Kind of a bad pic, but I wanted to show it because I thought it really captured the shimmer in Dovima! Really pretty matte shimmer...though it is pretty dark. I think I would use Loredana (its more silvery sister) much more. Great option if like me you havent been able to get hands on Manglaze's Matte is Murder.

And, if you havent heard already, the RBL bring back vote is here! I'm totally going for Bikini Bottom! I REALLY hope it gets brought if you dont really care maybe you should go give BB your vote :)

ALSO burb beauty is having a freaking sweet giveaway! Its got Urban Decay (seriously I think they make the best shadows) Nars, China Glaze and I'm forgetting some haha. Benefit maybe? Well anyway I just recently discovered her blog and its a great blog you should check out if you havent! Have a great night guys!

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